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This next version of Manyverse is FAST:
🔥 Improve app startup time (update node.js mobile)
🔥 Improve UI performance of the connections screen
☑ (iOS) Bug fix: back button logic on some screens
☑ Bug fix: don't show duplicate connections

🎉 Emoji reactions arrived to Manyverse! Available from version 0.2004.4 onwards, plus:

🔷 Improve typography and styling in markdown posts
🔷 Improve UI performance slightly
☑ Plenty of bug fixes

Updates are being distributed to:
* Dat Installer (ready now)
* Google Play (ready soon)
* App Store (hopefully soon)
* F-Droid (hopefully later)


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And two more things:
☑ Bug fix: on Android 9+ images were not showing
🎉 Feature: links to forked threads

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New version! 0.2003.4 brings you a Settings screen:
* Set a storage limit for blobs
* Hide 'follow' events on the feed
* Configure replication hops
* Enable detailed developer logs

New version 0.2002.24:

☑ Bug fix: connections disappeared, issue #802
☑ Bug fix: crash from issue #799
☑ Bug fix: links in Thanks and About screens
☑ Bug fix: simple typo in the welcome screen
🔷 Improve autocomplete list when mentioning people

Then, we have an all new app layout, that is clean and gives more space to read

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New version 0.2002.4 rolling out for Android and iOS. Main new feature is Private Messaging! 🎉

Our feature roadmap is now easily accessible from our website:

New iOS version 0.2001.7 available on the App Store with some bug fixes (thanks to all who reported them!):
☑ Bug fix: EditProfile's name input should be visible
☑ Bug fix: correct email subject for bug reports

New Android version 0.2001.7-beta being deployed with a few bug fixes:
🔷 New app icon
☑ Sync over rooms wasn’t always working
☑ Show success/failure toasts for room invites
☑ Correct email subject for bug reports

New release 0.1911.19 fixes several bugs!

🔷 Change "discharged" messages to "unfollowed"/"unblocked"
☑ Correct metadata for links inside messages
☑ Crash when selecting popup menu option
☑ Pub invite codes were crashing the app

New version v0.1910.31 with long-awaited features!

🎉 Feature: backup your account with a 48-word recovery phrase

F-Droid distribution of our app was down for some weeks, but it's now back online 🚀

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