New version 0.2205.4 available today, with bug fixes:
✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: app not working after canceling image attachment
✅ Bug fix: SSB URI in a post becomes a mention
🔷 Improve content loading performance a bit
🔷 Improve Dutch, Russian, Spanish translations

Version 0.2204.15 published just now has a crash fix 💥, a new feature (search for people!) 🎉, and some bug fixes ✅. Update here:

New version published just now! 🚀 v0.2204.5 has 10+ bug fixes and some neat improvements to private chats, such as saving your drafts.
📲 Download:

@joseph Currently the posts are "public" but this means that friends (and their friends) can easily access it, but strangers have more difficulty getting a hold of your posts even if they are "public" (which means they are just shared unencrypted). We plan to add private groups, which means you'll be able to post to large groups but in an encrypted context.

@dsfgs @staltz @nonlinear No, we don't. Eventually we want to use the open source alternative Penpot, but for now we prefer the tools that Figma gives us.

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@nonlinear @manyver_se Another outcome is that we're documenting design guidelines in our Wiki, starting from Principles and Themes. The two principles I identified were:
1. "Reform and re-educate, don't innovate."
2. "Be a toolkit, not a service."

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Some weeks ago @nonlinear volunteered as a UX/UI designer for @manyver_se and now we have the first outcomes of this collaboration! 🎨 He is designing the flow for following hashtags on the app, and it's all open design in this Figma doc:

@joseph Yes, we have deletes in our roadmap, it just takes a lot of preparation before building it

New version 0.2203.21 released containing:
🎉 (Desktop) Feature: add basic context menu
✅ Bug fix: placement of mentions input in some cases
✅ Bug fix: reply placeholder stuck on unrelated threads
🎉 Feature: autofocus text field when starting a private chat


We are now on Gitcoin for a quadratic funding round! This means that if we get lots of tiny donations, they'll be matched but in much larger amount. We want to work on Patchwork Parity and partial replication. 🙏

Read news from our monthly update: Among other things, andrewchou and atomrc joined our developer team!

Today we have a small bug fix release, version 0.2203.7 with:
✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: preserve scroll position when going back to thread
✅ (Desktop) Bug fix: support ctrl+c on posts
✅ Bug fix: logic to show update banner

@sphyphes @eragon That's correct, you cannot access your account from many devices, and that's because your device exists only on the device, not in the cloud, not in the server. We are working on a new subprotocol to "weave" together all your device-accounts, called fusion:

@sphyphes Room servers are never connected to other rooms, so there is no federation. Rooms just connect you with your friends, and your device stores the database (not the room), as well as you're friends devices. You discover new people by bumping into friends of your friends.

@sphyphes Correct, the server is there as an intermediary, and to protect your privacy by not telling other peers what your IP address is. You can definitely be connected to more than one server to talk with the same group of friends, the connections to servers doesn't interfere with how messages are displayed.

Can you clarify your question about federation?

@sphyphes Hi! There are ways of making it work in a "puritan" peer-to-peer way, which involve port forwarding on your router and figuring out a "multiserver" address for your peer, but we don't recommend it because it would leak your IP address to any peer connecting with you.

Manyverse is an invite-based social network, so either you get an invite code or you setup a server and invite friends. The server does not need to be in the cloud, it can also be e.g. Yunohost on a raspberry pi.

🚧🔥 Windows build of Manyverse desktop not yet available for this version.

The build system is mysteriously failing but we didn't want to stall the other platforms. We'll work on restoring Manyverse Windows as our highest possible priority, so expect it to be available in the next few days.

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New version 0.2203.3 released with lots of small features and improvements! Such as:
🎉 Feature: Resync screen guides you after recovery
🎉 Feature: reply counter opens thread at the bottom
🎉 Feature: allow starting a private chat with yourself
✅ (iOS) Bug fix: crashing when returning from lock screen

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