@snype That's unfortunate, and I don't have a guess why that's happening.

If you know how to use a terminal and Android's "ADB", you could try running `adb logcat` in your desktop terminal while your phone is plugged in via USB (in developer mode). Then let us know what the logs say at the moment it crashes. That's the only way we could diagnose and fix this. — @staltz

@Parnikkapore With a file, how would you easily recover your account once (for example) your phone explodes? It would put emphasis on securing the file elsewhere. With iOS (Manyverse is coming to iOS), the filesystem isn't very gracious, and most users would opt for iCloud. Something similar on Android. — @staltz

@snype Did a popup appear to report the crash? We'd like to get any crashes fixed asap

🎉 Feature: Welcome screen with tutorials

Also see the new FAQ page: manyver.se/faq

New version v0.1910.31 with long-awaited features!

🎉 Feature: backup your account with a 48-word recovery phrase

F-Droid distribution of our app was down for some weeks, but it's now back online 🚀 f-droid.org/packages/se.manyve

@zikalify Yes, that's the goal. Also, ability to pause/resume syncing for each friend you are syncing with

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@zikalify Both friends have to be online at the same time, and it sometimes doesn't work depending on your ISPs or mobile carriers. But when it works it does not take a long time to connect.

Version 0.1910.2-beta released!

☑ Bug fix: markdown posts sometimes had omissions
🔷 Improve how picture captions are authored
🔷 Improve startup time


Version 0.1909.23 just now released with:

☑ Bug fix: images loading should have placeholder
☑ Bug fix: should not crash when previewing a markdown post
🔷 Improve reliability of internet P2P invites


New version released!

🎉 Feature: compose replies in full screen
🎉 Feature: save drafts of thread replies
☑ Bug fix: room connections should not crash app
🔷 3 other improvements

Read more about v0.1909.18 here: gitlab.com/staltz/manyverse/bl

@masto_raph @switchingsocial@mastodon.at It is exactly scuttlebutt!
Scuttlebutt is like HTTP, and Manyverse is like Firefox.

@Shufei You mean something like Manyverse for Desktop? When we have more funding, we might do that. For now, Patchwork is fully compatible with Manyverse: github.com/ssbc/patchwork

@blacklight447 @switchingsocial@mastodon.at Works over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, two different types of internet servers (Rooms and Pubs), and internet P2P (kademlia distributed hash table)

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