New version released!

🎉 Feature: compose replies in full screen
🎉 Feature: save drafts of thread replies
☑ Bug fix: room connections should not crash app
🔷 3 other improvements

Read more about v0.1909.18 here:

@masto_raph It is exactly scuttlebutt!
Scuttlebutt is like HTTP, and Manyverse is like Firefox.

@Shufei You mean something like Manyverse for Desktop? When we have more funding, we might do that. For now, Patchwork is fully compatible with Manyverse:

@blacklight447 Works over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, two different types of internet servers (Rooms and Pubs), and internet P2P (kademlia distributed hash table)

F-Droid builds of Manyverse are back online! Latest version 0.1909.5 is available there.

September's newsletter is published!
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@Anprim There are no servers exclusively for Manyverse, but all SSB servers work for Manyverse too of course. There's a list of pub servers here and to find room servers, read this:

@xj9 It's fixed infra that can fail, but when it does, you can set up a new server and literally nothing would be lost in the process. More importantly, rooms are not meant as the *only* way to access the Scuttlebutt network, it's one more way of accessing it. It can (and should) work in complement to pubs and DHTs and LAN, and as such it would make the network *more* resilient, not less.

@xj9 DHT discovery doesn't come for free: (1) in a DHT you share your IP address with potentially hundreds of other peers, and also to peers unrelated to your interests, whereas with rooms you share your IP only with the room administrator, (2) DHTs doesn't work consistently across all network connectivity situations (mobile, whatnot).

@xj9 It's not centralized, there can (and should) be multiple rooms. Starting a room is very easy, so this means it is likely there will be many rooms. And rooms don't need to be permanent, they can be created and destroyed. It's ephemeral, without harming the social graph.

Announcing: SSB Rooms 🎉

A server to find and connect to other SSB peers – a meeting place. AGPL-3.0. Supported *today* in Manyverse

Read more:

Version 0.1908.23 just released with improvements to the Connections tab:

🔷 Show new pubs as staged instead of autoconnecting
🔷 Improve how connections are scheduled
☑️ Bug fix: update avatar of newly connected server

See more:

@z428 @wyatwerp @staltz There's a lot discussions internally in the SSB community, upcoming academic papers, and a committee reworking the protocol, and they are not determined to keep immutability. It would be possible to mutate or delete posts after posting. So it's important to remember that SSB is not static, there's a lot of development going on. — @staltz

Version 0.1908.14-beta just released as a follow-up from two days ago:

🔷 Improve how connections are scheduled
🔷 Improve the rendering and ordering in the connections tab
🔷 Reduce the size of this app by 1.6MB

Version 0.1908.12-beta released!

🔷 Performance boost for arm64 devices
🔷 Feature: menu option to 'forget' some connected servers
☑️ Bug fix: crash reports via email
🔷 More

@snype I'm sorry, but currently it's only possible to backup if your phone is rooted and you can access the app folders through a terminal. It's on the feature roadmap to provide basic account export and import

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