Updates are being distributed to:
* Dat Installer (ready now)
* Google Play (ready soon)
* App Store (hopefully soon)
* F-Droid (hopefully later)

Changelog: gitlab.com/staltz/manyverse/bl

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And two more things:
☑ Bug fix: on Android 9+ images were not showing
🎉 Feature: links to forked threads

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New version! 0.2003.4 brings you a Settings screen:
* Set a storage limit for blobs
* Hide 'follow' events on the feed
* Configure replication hops
* Enable detailed developer logs

New version 0.2002.24:

☑ Bug fix: connections disappeared, issue #802
☑ Bug fix: crash from issue #799
☑ Bug fix: links in Thanks and About screens
☑ Bug fix: simple typo in the welcome screen
🔷 Improve autocomplete list when mentioning people


@vishnuvk Well it's private messaging in the sense that messages are end-to-end encrypted. Groups are limited to 8 because of desired compatibility with other apps like Patchwork.

@kropot Versions on F-Droid usually take at least 3 days more than Google Play or Dat Installer, if nothing goes wrong. So for 0.2002.4 I recommend waiting a few more days.

@kropot There isn't anything we can do from our side, because our build is passing but for some reason the F-Droid build servers aren't publishing a new version: f-droid.org/wiki/page/se.manyv

Then, we have an all new app layout, that is clean and gives more space to read

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New version 0.2002.4 rolling out for Android and iOS. Main new feature is Private Messaging! 🎉

@kemonine Yes, using github.com/staltz/ssb-keys-mne , but note: never use the same identity on multiple devices, doing so may corrupt (forking the logs) your account irrecoverably.

Our feature roadmap is now easily accessible from our website: manyver.se/roadmap/

New iOS version 0.2001.7 available on the App Store with some bug fixes (thanks to all who reported them!):
☑ Bug fix: EditProfile's name input should be visible
☑ Bug fix: correct email subject for bug reports

New Android version 0.2001.7-beta being deployed with a few bug fixes:
🔷 New app icon
☑ Sync over rooms wasn’t always working
☑ Show success/failure toasts for room invites
☑ Correct email subject for bug reports

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