@RefurioAnachro @btcprox @staltz Initial sync can take anything between 1 minute and 5 hours. It is *not* by default many hours, it can actually be a few minutes depending on who you're connecting with. So it's not misleading to say several minutes. — @staltz

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen What you experienced there is what we call "the initial sync" and it varies depending on how much you're syncing (which depends who you're getting data from). Typically it's "give me everything from everyone" and that takes many hours, also on desktop apps too. Our goal is to make it easier to sip in a little bit of data at a time instead of everything all at once. After initial sync everything works well. — @staltz

New version 0.1903.13-beta is a bug fix one.
* Fixed a few crash cases
* Quicker establishment of Bluetooth connections


@ShaunBartone @switchingsocial You can remove that folder just like any other folder. And on mobile, it's a folder in the app, so the folder is deleted once the app is uninstalled.

There's a lot we could inform upon sign up, because SSB works so much differently. Right now with Manyverse I'm experiment with no instructions to avoid screen clutter and see if people understand it. Will add onboarding screen later, see gitlab.com/staltz/manyverse/is

In case you missed it, here's a demo video of Manyverse synchronizing phone-to-phone via Bluetooth, a feature released last week twitter.com/manyver_se/status/

@mad @switchingsocial @ahanon But creating a Wi-Fi hotspot from a third phone is also a possibility. If that's not possible, then Bluetooth sync is also an option in Manyverse. — @staltz

@themartylake Totally understand, that's why the app is still marked as Beta. Will launch as v1.0 once I believe it's in good shape for any person to use. — @staltz

@themartylake Hey, did you try with internet P2P invites or some other way? The P2P invites are still quite experimental, read more here: manyver.se/blog/early-days

@mad Hi! The Fediverse as defined here ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedivers ) does not include SSB and Manyverse.

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