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To protect online #privacy and make #search more transparent, we support #opensource projects like @Nitrokey, @delta, @cryptpad, @manyver_se, @fediversespace and many more. Want to learn more about our open calls and how they help build the #NextGenerationInternet? Join us at the #NGIForum on September 25th! @NGI4eu

New version 0.1907.16-beta fixes some bugs and crashes related to Wi-Fi connections. Made possible through several crash reports, thanks for sending them!

@steko @fdroidorg Sometimes strange things happen to the F-Droid build server. For instance, this page should be listing many entries:

@CoachSummer We're trying, sometimes the F-Droid build server fails for reasons unrelated to our codebase. It's a constant struggle, we've managed to fix it sometimes, but once in a while it goes back to failing.

Long-awaited new release with features and bug fixes!

0.1907.5-beta supports new interactions to manage your peer-to-peer connections and gives you a better understanding of what's going on.

@thibaultamartin Good point, will try to replicate newsletters to the blog

@thibaultamartin Definitely active, check the newsletters for reports on what's been done:

Currently I (@staltz) am working on and (worked a lot last week and will work this week too). Some big and important changes are happening under the hood, and these take more time to develop than, say, small incremental features.

Thanks for the reports! They gave us important insight into a common type of crash, and this is now fixed in version 0.1905.10-beta:

* Bug fix: startup crashes related to IPv6

If you're experiencing crashes lately, use the new version 0.1905.09-beta which can detect and report these crashes.

We'll try to fix them as soon as we know info on them 🙏

Version 0.1904.25-beta:

* Bug fix: a type of crash related to peer connections
* Bring back support for Android 5.0 in Google Play

New version! v0.1904.22-beta brings:
* 🔥⏩ Speed improvements in the UI interactivity, potentially 3x faster!
* Bug fixes and crash fixes

@Parnikkapore @steko The directory should contain at least .ssb/secret, .ssb/gossip.json, and .ssb/conn.json

Fully agree it should be in a non-root directory, we just need to figure out password protection for the secret file

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen @staltz
> give user more control over what to sync

Yes this is absolutely the right way to go, we're going to get there eventually. For instance, right now Manyverse is configured "hops=2" which means you will get your friend's friends' data. So if Bob has many friends, you'll get a lot of data. In the future you could customize so that you choose to get *only* Bob's data.

About very long feeds, it could be possible to automatically split your feed into one per year.

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen @staltz Technically, it's not Merkle trees. And we have a mode where you can trust messages, it's called ssb-ooo but it's difficult to support it in the apps (e.g. computing the correct "follow/block" state depends on the order of the messages)

@coffe Hi! Sorry, that's not possible in the UI yet. But if you want to hack it, if your phone is rooted you can move the folder /data/data/se.manyver/files/.ssb using the terminal (Termux)

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen @staltz It's harder than that. SSB as a protocol is built on the assumption that the feed is an append-only log, and when you fetch/update it, you get the older messages first, because messages are signed in a chain to ensure unforgeability. — @staltz

Version 0.1904.8-beta released:

* Slightly faster indexing speeds
* Support pubs and peers that use WebSockets

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen @staltz There are two parts: the downloading of data, and the building of database indexes. The second part lasts longer than the first part, and just uses CPU.
And reminder: I acknowledge (@staltz) that these are heavy costs, I'm working on solving it, but it's a challenge that relates to the whole SSB stack.

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen @staltz As you see, initial sync is a problem on both desktop and mobile. I'm working (@staltz) on new kinds of pubs that will make initial sync faster (due to smaller payloads), and I have a working prototype. I'll DM you something that may help getting started.

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