New version 0.2007.3 rolling out today gradually with:
🇩🇪 Add German translation
🎉 Feature: shorten recovery phrase to only 24 words (it's simply the first half of your old 48-word phrase!)
✅ Bug fix: blobs purging settings should work
🔷 A lot of small tweaks

@racuna I think that's a question for Planetary, since they launched after Manyverse. Also, they're using a different implementation of SSB (in Go, with support for the alternative GabbyGrove feed format). Manyverse is mostly using the same technology as Patchwork (the most popular client) and aims to be compatible with that.

Version 0.2006.5 was launched last week, but now it's finally available for download on F-Droid too

And more!

🎉 Feature: allow replying to follow/block events
☑ Bug fix: temporarily unresponsive when reopening app
🔷 Improve performance of loading data in Thread screen
🔷 Improve the looks of content warnings
🔷 (Android) Indicate F-Droid or Dat Installer in the version name

See the changelog:

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The emoji reactions picker was simplified to provide a preset of 7 common reactions, but you can still choose any emoji you wish

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The Thread screen now indicates how many replies does each reply have, and you can navigate to subthreads

A fully redesigned public feed means that all threads are now short and summarized, making it easier to make sense of new content, and bottom tabs have titles

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New version 0.2006.5 rolling out with *several* new features! First, localization has finally begun, thanks to our volunteers!

There's an app crash that's happening apparently only for people who installed Manyverse from F-Droid.

We're working with F-Droid to fix it, in the meantime you can try installing from other sources.
(

@amoeba @razzlom Thank you for wanting to help us with translation! We just opened it today for crowdsourced translations, here's a quick guide:

This next version of Manyverse is FAST:
🔥 Improve app startup time (update node.js mobile)
🔥 Improve UI performance of the connections screen
☑ (iOS) Bug fix: back button logic on some screens
☑ Bug fix: don't show duplicate connections

@jokke Yes, the content of private messages is E2EE.

The public messages are not encrypted, but are signed for authentication. Also, to share content with peers (even public messages), peer connections are end-to-end encrypted with "secret handshake" (similar in nature to TLS, what HTTPS uses). This is all from the SSB tech stack.

🎉 Emoji reactions arrived to Manyverse! Available from version 0.2004.4 onwards, plus:

🔷 Improve typography and styling in markdown posts
🔷 Improve UI performance slightly
☑ Plenty of bug fixes

Updates are being distributed to:
* Dat Installer (ready now)
* Google Play (ready soon)
* App Store (hopefully soon)
* F-Droid (hopefully later)


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And two more things:
☑ Bug fix: on Android 9+ images were not showing
🎉 Feature: links to forked threads

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New version! 0.2003.4 brings you a Settings screen:
* Set a storage limit for blobs
* Hide 'follow' events on the feed
* Configure replication hops
* Enable detailed developer logs

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