In addition to that, choosing emoji reactions is way nicer! We show all emojis in a familiar scrolling box, and there's a search bar there too.

Plus, the quick emoji picker displays *your* top 7 favorite emojis.

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New version! 0.2112.3 has a new Connections tab that simplifies the experience. It tells you how well you are connected, and what to do to improve it.

New version 0.2110.5 going out today!
* 🎉 Redesigned Compose Message screen
* ✅ (iOS) Bug fix: record and play audio messages
* 🔷 (Android) Reduce APK size by 71MB
* 🔷 (Android) Support Android 5.0

New version out!
🎉 Hashtags
🔷 New profile header style
🔷 "Read more" button replaced with a white gradient
✅ iOS top header fixed
✅ Search bar fixed and improved
And a lot more!

Announcing a new feature that will change Manyverse significantly!
Full-text search. Available now in version 0.2108.2

New version released today! Improved profile screen with follow counters, and added support for rooms 2.0 🎉

New version of the app!
🎉 Redesigned Profile screen, with shrinking header and bio preview
☑ 4 bug fixes and crash fixes

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New version 0.2009.4 rolling out with new features and fixes
🎉 Feature: highlight new and unread content in the Feed
🎉 Feature: play audio messages attached to posts
🎉 Feature: Profile screen has "go to Private chat" button

We strive for full transparency of our work, so we're sharing our project finances.
Check it out!

The emoji reactions picker was simplified to provide a preset of 7 common reactions, but you can still choose any emoji you wish

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The Thread screen now indicates how many replies does each reply have, and you can navigate to subthreads

A fully redesigned public feed means that all threads are now short and summarized, making it easier to make sense of new content, and bottom tabs have titles

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New version 0.2006.5 rolling out with *several* new features! First, localization has finally begun, thanks to our volunteers!

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