This next version of Manyverse is FAST:
🔥 Improve app startup time (update node.js mobile)
🔥 Improve UI performance of the connections screen
☑ (iOS) Bug fix: back button logic on some screens
☑ Bug fix: don't show duplicate connections

Здравствуйте, достопочтенный @manyver_se. Я и @razzlom желаем перевести Ваше приложение на русский язык. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как нам можно это сделать?

Hello, honorable @manyver_se. I and @razzlom wish to translate your application into Russian. Tell me, please, how can we do this?


@amoeba @razzlom Thank you for wanting to help us with translation! We just opened it today for crowdsourced translations, here's a quick guide:

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