New version v0.1910.31 with long-awaited features!

🎉 Feature: backup your account with a 48-word recovery phrase

Just updated a bit ago, now it crashes as soon as I open it.

@snype Did a popup appear to report the crash? We'd like to get any crashes fixed asap

No it opens and immediately closes, almost no time to respond. I'm on a Galaxy s10.

@snype That's unfortunate, and I don't have a guess why that's happening.

If you know how to use a terminal and Android's "ADB", you could try running `adb logcat` in your desktop terminal while your phone is plugged in via USB (in developer mode). Then let us know what the logs say at the moment it crashes. That's the only way we could diagnose and fix this. — @staltz

@manyver_se nice start! how about: "what is the difference between a pub server and a room server?"

@manyver_se Can the recovery code be parsed into the .ssb/secret key (maybe with a nodeJS script)?

@manyver_se I'm kinda curious why you went the Bitcoin-style mnemonics route. My first idea would be a password-encrypted file :blobcatcoffee:

@Parnikkapore With a file, how would you easily recover your account once (for example) your phone explodes? It would put emphasis on securing the file elsewhere. With iOS (Manyverse is coming to iOS), the filesystem isn't very gracious, and most users would opt for iCloud. Something similar on Android. — @staltz

@manyver_se/ @staltz That explains it. Thanks!

> Manyverse is coming to iOS

:blobaww: Don't tell me, we're going to see Planetary on Android at some point?!

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