Announcing: SSB Rooms 🎉

A server to find and connect to other SSB peers – a meeting place. AGPL-3.0. Supported *today* in Manyverse

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@manyver_se so I'm thinking pubs maybe aren't a great idea for centralization reasons. DHT rendezvous is much better. the same could be said for rooms, but instead a new centralized component is introduced? I don't get it

@xj9 It's not centralized, there can (and should) be multiple rooms. Starting a room is very easy, so this means it is likely there will be many rooms. And rooms don't need to be permanent, they can be created and destroyed. It's ephemeral, without harming the social graph.

@xj9 DHT discovery doesn't come for free: (1) in a DHT you share your IP address with potentially hundreds of other peers, and also to peers unrelated to your interests, whereas with rooms you share your IP only with the room administrator, (2) DHTs doesn't work consistently across all network connectivity situations (mobile, whatnot).


depends on the DHT. there is plenty of literature on the topic of DHT privacy and anonymity that can be put to good use here.

even if there are many ephemeral rooms you are still relying in fixed infrastructure that can and will fail. it isn't a resilient design, you've just recreated IRC, but worse.

@xj9 It's fixed infra that can fail, but when it does, you can set up a new server and literally nothing would be lost in the process. More importantly, rooms are not meant as the *only* way to access the Scuttlebutt network, it's one more way of accessing it. It can (and should) work in complement to pubs and DHTs and LAN, and as such it would make the network *more* resilient, not less.

@manyver_se @xj9 should work better than downloading that huge block of dht that takes so many hours, so much space for mobile devices. My phone destroys memory cards like a regular oven. Don't know why. I already run on mostly less that .5 GB mode.

@nergal @manyver_se

SSB doesn't use a DHT for replication. manyverse just uses it for publess invites. sadly SSB replication is pretty much all or nothing at this point. i've seen some work being done to allow partial replication, but the db is still huge and slow regardless.
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