Releasing version 0.1903.19-beta, with a lot of new features!

Better profile screen, with more information and more actions.

The newsfeed now also shows follows and blocks from people in your community.

Before hitting "Publish" on a new post, you can preview how the markdown will be rendered.

Profile screens have a "Bio" button that allows you to view the account's avatar in full width, and read their full description.

Plus a few more things:
* Bug fixes, such as no more flickering names in the connections tab
* Update names of backers in the Thanks screen

Check out the changelog, and update from your preferred source!

@manyver_se These all look like great changes! 👏
I have a question: does Manyverse supports hashtags search/follow? Are there any plans to support it?
I ask this beacuse I've found that hashtags make it very easy and convenient to discover new content and interesting people.

@andycuccaro Hi! No hashtags nor search so far, but it's in the feature roadmap. :)

@manyver_se Good one André! I used to find a lot of my posts broken as I did the Markdown slightly incorrect!

Can't wait to do the compatibility test again :blobcat:

@manyver_se sound nice. Since I'm using FediLab, can U please point 2-3 (or more?) pros why I should use Manyverse? Convince me please.

@barszczyk Hi! A few:
* It's always available and fully functional (e.g. when offline, in an airplane, when hiking) both for reading and writing content
* Every user is its own "instance"
A few more points in this video:


I wish you good luck and lots of improvement.
Unfortunately so far things look rather more like this:
- half public pub invites don't work (invite rejected, are you sure it was right? have you copied whole invite? - yes I have, still doesn't work)
-certain users' connection or limits are still a bottleneck - here's what my Patchwork looks like about 9 mins after I clicked update... (picrel)

@manyver_se @barszczyk @staltz Manyverse could be the perfect alternative for Facebook (=keeping in touch with people you like). The invitation process should be easier for non-techies : if I send an invite the way it is today, I fear most of my friends will not adopt Manyverse...

@zmgptfuo @barszczyk @staltz Yes, very understandable. Manyverse is beta software, and at some point we'll launch v1.0 to indicate it's ready for the non-programmers

@manyver_se hy, one question. Can manyverse work on an pc or only in mobile?

@Phoenix_alx So far only on mobile. But you can use Patchwork and it's mostly compatible with Manyverse. — @staltz

Manyverse seems very confusing.
I can't see private messages - I've sent one from my desktop (where I have Patchwork) to my mobile (with Manyverse) and nothing. There's no option to switch to priv messages on mobile or to post anything private to someone.

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