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@manyver_se Hi André. Hadn't been Manyverse and SSB always been part of the fediverse? That's not just a specific protocol...

@mad Hi! The Fediverse as defined here ( ) does not include SSB and Manyverse.

@manyver_se , yes I know. But it is steadily evolving. The count of #fediverse protocols with their specific features and benefits was and is growing. And for my feeling #SSB would fit well.

@mad @manyver_se having SSB join the fediverse would be great!

But I'm not sure how that would play out, or if it's even possible.

The fediverse is a federation of decentralised protocols, whereas SSB is a distributed protocol.

These are two different technologies.

@Naughtylus @manyver_se From my point of view #ActivityPub is different in that it assumes, that somebody is worldwide reachable, addressed by @name@server, while #SSB assumes, that reachability is explicite and not inherent. But explicite does not mean that it is not possible. I think optional mechanisms will be found.

hah. great! finally you came!@staltz
I rememberd a short discussion we had 1-2 years ago via twitter with me asking you to join us. That time you had a different opinion.

I'm glad you changed it, and hope for you for fruitfull conversations with other devs. and alike.

thanks for making #scuttlebut

@paulfree14 Hi! I still have the same opinion on Mastodon: it's functional and great UX, but fundamentally not decentralized enough to give a persistent solution to the problem it addresses (i.e. distribution of power). I believe Mastodon isn't that much different to other software in the Fediverse, but Mastodon had a significant success simply because of good UX. I came here because there's a good audience here, it's like a second Twitter. :)

I agree with your arguments.
I mainly wanted to have you joining because:
- of the audience and the discourse about p2p service it can foster
- many devs. around interested in federated/decentralized plattform development
- a federated alternative to currently existing social network


@staltz @paulfree14 Can't move people on to step 3 if you're only talking to them on step 1. Great to have you here!
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