might be time to bite the bullet and jus swap to an editor.

Any xkb masters? I have caps lock remapped to ISO_Level3_Shift, in attempt to use it as an additional modifier. It works great in all apps but does nothing in intellij idea. Seems like its some weird interaction with java swing.

any reason to not store an encrypted password vault in a private github repo?

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New blog post: Comparing Rust and JavaScript Ergonomics with a Simple Linked List


Thanks to everyone who helped as I was struggling with the Rust code that went into this post: @alexbuzzbee @naavis @Tarithaverin @malinoskj2 @kornel @arjenpdevries @penguin42 @djmoch @Eden

CC @schlink might be up your alley

also cglab.ca/~abeinges/blah/too-ma

might clear thigns up for you if you are trying to make linkledlists or something. I dont remember the caveats, but i do remember it was strangely unintuitive to use inside of linkedlists.

Any good web irc clients out there? Looking at the top couple search results it doesnt look like there is anything comparable to what you get with a native client.

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As of yesterday #fdroid now incnludes #vlc media player in it's main repository again! 🎉


There needs to be some sort of abstraction over this. It is way too annoying to simply make it so I can listen to audio through an external dac + use my mic via a recording interface at the same time.

That rebase shit is scary for freebsd. Linux momentum might be 2 massive at this point.

Curly braces are disgusting. Yet I'm not really a fan of python. I need more freedom is how I structure my code which curly braces allows. But I don't want to look at people nesting loops/if-else's 10 deep. Someone needs to make a language that just doesn't allow you to nest braces more than 2 deep or so. The braces for the function + 1

Happy thanksgiving.
America still #1 out here 😎

Just curious are there are distros that will setup a root for your like the installer does?

I know that you can get a zfs root working in a more manual manner on most Linux distros but I have yet to see anything as effortless as freebsd's installer.

really bugs me how these days my list of 'shit I need to learn' only ever gets bigger. Yet it also demonstrates how much interesting work is being done at the moment.

Damn I gotta get around to writing some js/rust. Tfw have been writing nothing but shell scripts for weeks.

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User: "I love apps!"

Dev: "Great, here's an app for $5!"

User: "Well I don't love apps *that* much..."

Dev: "Okay, here's an app for free with ads instead!"

User: "Ads are disgusting and immoral."

Dev: "Oh, uh, here's an app for free with in-app purchases and no ads!"

User: "In-App purchases are a cancer that's destroying the industry!"

Dev: "Well I'm out of ideas. No More app."

User: "Damn greedy devs stopped updating the app I paid for 5 years ago!"

This 16gb of storage of my chromebook is killing me. About to just grab a 128gb sd card and try putting my os on that(it has an sd card slot). Running linux cuz didnt like the keyboard and Im not in the mood to troubleshoot it past a couple of search results.

Praying that the discord app doesn't prompt you for a captcha because the captchas require google play services (it closes the app if u get prompted). The life.

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my impression of mastodon after a few days

Cleaned out my PC. Tied everything down all nice with zipties.

Tfw I turn it on and it won't boot cuz shit isn't in the exact same sata ports. 😣

Those rough 3h of sleep mornings after you were up bullshitting around on the internet.

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