My kid's school is requiring them to use, which requires flash. Our house has been flash-free for close to a year. The kids all have Fedora installs. Is anyone here running a browser with flash in a container or jail to limit the exposure of the inevitable? I don't want to have to have them spin up VM images just for this. In the meantime, I've been fighting it, but it is a balance.

@makuharigaijin if it’s a good tool and benefits your child’s education, then I’d just spin up a VM for when they’re doing their homework.

You could even use it as an additional learning opportunity as to why you don’t use flash.

@kev Oh, my kids already know the lesson of why we don't use flash. They are pretty more security savvy at this point than most and enthusiastic about it to boot. They had some hard lessons with Windows 10 a couple years ago and it was a good chance to move the whole family to Linux, password managers, etc.

Running a full VM just for a browser instance just feels a bit heavy. I was thinking maybe these days you could just download a flatpak of a browser with flash that would be walled off.

@makuharigaijin ah that’s good.

Come to think of it, doesn’t Firefox have a plugin that isolates a tab? I’m sure there’s a solution out there that’s easier than a full VM.

It does, but Firefox doesn't support NPAPI plugins anymore.

@Matter I've been tracking that, but it has been slow progress. They say only 10% to go, but my kid's assignments end up hitting flash requirements about 50% of the time. Maybe just unlucky.

@makuharigaijin maybe apply for a religious exemption and say St. IGNUcius forbids it? 😆

@Matter Oh, man. Don't tempt my eldest. He already started looking into becoming a Pastafarian for unrelated reasons.

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