It is the little things. Needed a hardware based (specifically) mouse wiggler. Got a ATmega32U4 generic Arduino for a few yen that just sticks out of my usb a little. Added the following code:


void setup() {

void loop() {
Mouse.move(0, -5);
Mouse.move(-5, 0);
Mouse.move(0, 5);
Mouse.move(5, 0);

@enkiv2 I feel like the current situation is the worst of all possible worlds—where we're essentially just all carrying around disposable subsidized supercomputers that we don't have control over but that big corporations can use to track us, pester us, and temporarily offload their "compute" onto when it's convenient for them

Oh I deleted my gmail account, I’m trying this new thing called email. It’s like gmail but federated.

My kid's school is requiring them to use, which requires flash. Our house has been flash-free for close to a year. The kids all have Fedora installs. Is anyone here running a browser with flash in a container or jail to limit the exposure of the inevitable? I don't want to have to have them spin up VM images just for this. In the meantime, I've been fighting it, but it is a balance.

hey poopers, dns is not centralized, get that in your heads

xpinstall.signatures.required >> false
restart firefox

and enjoy your extensions...

Ouch... #Mozilla #Firefox
1548973 - (armagadd-on-2.0) All extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert

Upgraded to 30. Smooth. Fedora is supposedly bleeding edge, but always seems more stable to me than many other options.

Very little motivates you on your evening jog more than being followed most of the way by two or three (probably two, but maybe three) coyotes. I'm sure they were just curious about me. Or they were hungry. But probably just curious. Probably.

So... are there any web browsers left that *aren't* shit or turning to it? I will not have my DNS being thrown through cloudflare, fuck that.

I tolerate using iOS. But being an expat family with multiple region Apple accounts is testing my sanity. Finally decided to move my US account to Japan to make things easier and find I can't because I have Family Sharing set up. I try to remove that, but it doesn't allow for family member removals. Only member transfer to a new family within the same region. And I also have to wait for canceled subscriptions to expire that I don't even use. Seriously can't wait for Librem 5 to be out.

~Help needed please~
I want to move my domain registrations & DNS management away from GoDaddy.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I'm considering and maybe but any recommendations or advice would be welcomed.

ssh-copy-id is the bomb. I've been doing it the hard way for far too long.

What... just what is going on here. A scene from REAMDE?

I got a shot of inspiration today from a documentary about ramen. These guys are as intense, if not more, than the Texas BBQ crowd. And the subtitles were pure poetry.

@makuharigaijin The main idea behind both Twitter and Mastodon is leveraging humans to discriminate the signal from the noise and relay it to each other in a self-organizing mesh of users with partially overlapping interests.

Mastodon adds the concept of instances, that can be used as a hub for certain communities or special interest groups, but I deliberately chose a large generic instance with a good admin. Thank you @angristan 👍

I don't know that I really understand mastodon yet. I joined this server because I have a lot of interest in FOSS, but that is just one slice of my life. Would it be weird for me to toot about all my interests here or do I make accounts on servers that match my various hobbies?

I find that I spend all my time at work administering Windows servers because the Linux servers just work. Oddly, I would be happier if we had more problems in our Linux environments.

Trick: youtube-dl -o - uri | vlc - plays Web videos in VLC. Works for a lot of sites, and avoid ads and lots of other bandwidth/resource wastage.

How did I go all these years without knowing about the `prename` cmd? Perl regex batch file renaming. Such a simple thing that makes me smile. prename 's/.*(\d\d).*/S01E$1/' *.mkv

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