PSA: MyFitnessPal has been compromised leading to 143M accounts to have their weakly hashed passwords, usernames, email addresses and IP addresses leaked.

Considering that UnderArmour owns MFP, and that password resets go through your UA account, I would garner to say that you should change your password if you're signed up to any of the UA-owned services.

Currently my node is aware of 3575 nodes with 2496169 registered users from the following platforms:

Friendica (359/13545)
diaspora (262/655654)
red (8/72)
hubzilla (224/4807)
GNU Social (183/420)
StatusNet (9/11)
Mastodon (2237/1817064)
pleroma (288/3729)
socialhome (4/730)
ganggo (1/137)


Thinking of something quick weekend project for my server.
It already has the following

Not going to have mastodon or diaspora for now

Most of these are not in “production”. I use mostly nextcloud and hubzilla. Others are there just because.

Or I go to hw project and try to put some free os to Apple iBook G4 laptop.

Libre of a different kind to start off my Friday.

"Who is Jenny Everywhere? Modify and share this character |"

Hello I just made an account here.

I'm a big fan of software.
I have been using since 1998 and I host some servers for my own purposes.

I like tinkering with different kind of software, but I don't know how to code.


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