Mark the date - Tuesday, July 23, 2019 I deleted my Google account after 15 years! I was one of the original beta testers, signed up in fall 2004 and switched my family to Google Apps/G Suite in 2010.

Still trying to get my family off Google. Working on moving their calendars to NextCloud right now. Wish me luck!

@majicjay I signed up for a gmail account in 2007 and made accounts for my family in 2008! I still live a google heavy life but nextcloud will help a lot. - Posted from my Google Pixel 2 ™️

@majicjay You inspired me to at least look at a demo of Nextcloud. I started viewing the demo in Chrome and hit all kinds of errors. Switched to Firefox and the demo works quite well. Shall I now paint a G on my tinfoil hat?

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