So hot. We are breaking records, today is hottest 26th April day registered in Latvia and its +26C outside.

Where was this heat whole month?🤠

Whats all the hype about I registered, created key but is it safe? How practical it is?

Is this hdd health normal? This is one of my new Seagate's Ironwolf NAS HDDs. As You can see other drive that I bought at the same time is fine. Even test competition time difference is more that half an hour.

Today I ordered two Seagate IronWolf 4TB (ST4000VN008) drives for desktop RAID1. After searching a bit more info seems like this might be not the best idea as they can be loud and faulty. Any experience whit them?

Sorry, but there is no usable Open Source keyboards for Android that supports Latvian layout as I like and is precise as proprietary solutions.

@indie What was your issue? Sorry I don't remember.

What TeamViewer foss alternative do You use?

Any experience whit surge protection? Is it good and worth? I'm looking to buy for server mains and incoming RJ45.

There is a good Foss background app that downloads and changes background picture automatically?

What 1Gbps network card do You recommend for Debian server? My integrated Realtek 8111 have issues whit speeds.

I just started third headphone return on Amazon and I'm wondering. How many thing I can return before they get suspicious? There is a limit? I'm not doing it for fun, just phones are faulty.

Its BTW as I live in Europe.

Experiences whit full disk encryption.

I need to encrypt Windows PCs and question is whit what? I have found VeraCrypt and that seems to be good. What is Your experience whit this or is there something better?

Anyone here that have experience whit Mastodon relay server creation?

There is a feature on Google that I didn't took for granted - automatic spell correction. On searx for example if i have typo it is not corrected and results are not what I expect.

What search engines do You use? I'm looking for engine, basically a proxy, that gives Me Google results whit out tracking, profiling... more private and anonymous.

How can I change default language in AnySoftKeyboard? I have installed English and Latvian but I can find where I can set Latvian as default.

Debian question.

I'm planing to setup Wireguard VPN and I'm following this guide - . Issue is whit unstable repo. i don't want to installing anything more than Wireguard from unstable repo, so question is, if I follow this tutorial only Wireguard will be installed from unstable or other packs in future too?

Looks like it is OpenVPN problem as maps got through also. It time to change at least VPN client.

One more fact. There is a chance for apps and services to get directly to WiFi as phone boots. It takes OpenVPN a bit of time to launch and connect to vpn, but I'm not restarting phone daily. I restart maybe once per week and this data sending occures every day.

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