Can't think of a reason. I'm too afraid to ask and I kinda enjoy having another day off

Going to work as always. Boss asks me why I'm here and sends me home. This is my second free day in a row without getting explained to me why...

Just got a call that I don't need to show up at work today. No reason was given. I'm confused but happy :D

~ (not about someone on masto) 

Or you just surround yourself with people that aren't rude :)

You're welcome :) I have a lot more when it comes to metal

As I Lay Dying - First 2 Albums
Killswitch Engage - Basically Everything
Heaven Shall Burn - Same

If you want to expand a bit into melodic death
In Flames - First 4 Albums
At The Gates - Everything
Dark Tranquility - Same
Arch Enemy - Same

Maybe some Amon Amarth for good measure?

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