I made a dice roller in bash, am I a programmer now? :D

@magicforestkat it's common practice in development. Essentially you use some testing framework (even Bash has) to test single "units" of code for correctness. This has some benefits, most notably helps you not breaking A while adding B or editing C, etc. You might also want to dig into Test Driven Development, which essentially is a way of coding using tests as "guides" to write your code: first you write a (failing) test, than you add the actual code till the test is OK. HTH

Thank you for explaining even though I have no idea what's going on.
I only made this thing cause I couldn't find a die and thought it would be fun to try that

@magicforestkat no problem, happy to help some stranger getting into software development. It's a lot of fun once you break the ice and get into it, and possibly a good source or income too 😎

I don't think I will ever get into this. I'm not nearly as smart as I should be for that

@magicforestkat that is utter bullshit. Sure, some people are better predisposed than others, but computer programming is not confined to abnormal intelligent minds, quite the opposite: it's a skill like any other, and if you work your butt long enough you eventually build up the knowledge required to master it. Saying "I'm not smart enough" is like saying you'll never drive a car nor bake a cake nor <put whatever activity you want here> for that same reason. The choice is 100% yours

That might be, but there's still the fact that I would need quite a long time to learn that skill that I personally have almost no use for

@magicforestkat fair enough, I was assuming some previous interest on the topic.

I still think some software dev skills are spendable in any office job nowadays (e.g. scraping a website for some content + crunching and manipulating the data + drawing a graph, that sort of task is fairly common).

By the way, you never truly learn 100% of it, it's a lifelong process, but one gotta start somewhere, right?

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