Going to work as always. Boss asks me why I'm here and sends me home. This is my second free day in a row without getting explained to me why...

Just got a call that I don't need to show up at work today. No reason was given. I'm confused but happy :D

I made a dice roller in bash, am I a programmer now? :D

Also having no idea of hacking and electronics doesn't help

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Being a cis (just even learned what that is), having no idea about coding and not being a furry (still don't quite get that), I kinda feel out of place here

Another night
Another staring contest with my laptop
I was happy when I got it, but now I don't know what to do

Books: you own the physical copies, there's no subscription fee, they don't require an internet connection, their batteries won't die on you, you can share them with your friends without committing a crime, most people can rent them for free, and you don't need to subscribe to multiple streaming services to find the ones you want.

Can't sleep
Don't know what to do
Laptop staring at me
I stare back

My wishes for 2020?

I wish that people start valuing their privacy and and

Everyone's talking about 2020 and I'm just sitting here happy with my first own laptop and having installed Arch on my own. I'm kinda proud of myself.


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