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Are you looking for a trustworthy hyperlocal multiarch NLnetLabs Unbound Docker image, based on Alpine Linux with focus on security, performance and a small image size with Pi-hole in mind? Look no further:

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I just learned about Dangerzone:

Take potentially dangerous PDFs, office documents, or images and convert them to safe PDFs



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Say hello to Mimiko!

She used to belong to our neighbors with 7 (!) cats aready, was the tiniest & weakest, got always beaten by the others so she was almost living with us. The neighbors moved to another city and didn't want to sell her to us approx 300km away, no lie. We missed her so much. Two years later she stood on our balcony, half dead, full of wounds from mites. Our vet said cats return to their people, so here she was. We love her so much and she makes us so happy.

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Good morning, here's a pro tip: if you'd like to have your profile verified on , just add your mastodon url as your homepage to your GitHub profile.

I've been told that it wouldn't be possible but it works like a charm. :ablobcatcoffee:

What a difference proper make. Absolutely beyond my expectations. 🍃🥾

Another week has passed by, yet there's another with another lovely picture of our beautiful from the past. I hope you have a great !

I currently have two old still in use, for . One has an IR module, the other a 7 segment clock attached. When 🐈‍⬛ is approaching our porch, the IR raspi is sending a ssh command via WIFI to the clock raspi and triggers a blinking message on the clock: CA7 (cat). So she doesn't need to wait until we check if she's at the porch. The devices are working flawlessly & I had to change the sdcard of the clock raspi once. Oh and a power adapter was croaked as well.

Raspberries are cool.

⭐ Another week, another language!

🇮🇹 #ContraChrome in Italian can finally be found at:


Very special thanks to @gualdo and every helping hand at the Copernicani Association for all the hard work. 🙏 💕
Thank you @lealternative for spreading the word, and to @Madmonkey for the friendly support! ✨

I will again follow this post up with an Italian announcement - feel free to spread it to Italian-speaking corners of the Fediverse! :fediverse:

Mille grazie!


A vulnerability named Non-Responsive Delegation (NRDelegation) Attack has been discovered in various #DNS resolving software. We have assigned CVE-2022-3204 and categorise this a MEDIUM severity for Unbound. A fix is available in version 1.16.3.

Wir fordern nach dem erneuten Urteil gegen die anlasslose #Vorratsdatenspeicherung dazu auf, sich nun endlich an den Koalitionsvertrag und geltendes Recht zu halten, und sich um wirksame Mittel zur Verbrechensbekämpfung im Netz zu kümmern!

If you want to your mobile phone, this GUI could come handy with nice explanations of what the packages are for.

10 Destructive Linux Commands You Should Never Run 

10 Destructive Commands You Should Never Run (unless you are a bad, BAD, a really *BAD* person) 😹

Another new of mine with we brought from and fresh directly from our tiny garden. Let's see how this becomes.

The mustard is already eaten. It was so good, you wouldn't believe!

is absolutely a thing where I live. I bought 2 liters of a red one from my favorite winemaker. It's made from grape and tastes so gorgeous!

It's basically fresh wine grape juice with yeast which is starting to ferment and has a tiny little bit of alcohol in it. It's sparkling too. 😋👌

It's and what else could I toot than a picture of our cute ? Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves!

So, the local name resolution is working as well, I forgot to tick "Register DHCP leases..." and the "Register static DHCP mappings..." in Services->DNS Resolver 🥳

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This is Albert , moments before his famous photo with his tongue out was shot.

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