As of todays #linux-next ( you can run the #librem5devkit without any additional patches using the default mainline arm64 #defconfig. This means distributions can enable it without trouble from #linux 5.12 onwards. The #librem5 itself needs some more work but it builds a lot on what we have for the devkit.

Job opportunity 

I have an opening for a short term Security analyst to do GRC Assessments against NIST 800-53.

Contract is 100% remote, and through the end of the year.

This is a intermediate role who will be working with a lead analyst.

If you are interested, send an email to thegibson (at) blackfiresec (dot) com

I hear the "you shouldn't have to learn how your engine works just to drive a car" argument often used to counter my insistence on learning git's internals to understand its externals.

My response: git is a tool for professionals. Racecar drivers should definitely understand how engines work. Amateur users of version control systems are using the undo and redo buttons in a Google Document. Git is a professional tool and if you're a professional then you have a professional obligation to learn your tools properly.

weston, gnome/wayland running on latest linux kernel with etnaviv on i.MX8M/GC7000 GPU

RISC-V support has landed in musl libc 🎉


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