Grew up on and see the future of the internet as decentralized.

After looking at a number of Mastodon instances I have decided that is probably best suited for me.

Code slinger by day, 6 string strummer by night.

Fan of sci-fi, 80s pop culture, home brew, loose leaf tea and tech.

Beethoven is my spirit composer.

Nice to have you with us! New here? Start with following some tags and people! Go check out public stream on your server to find some. Keep adding more people and tags, you can always unfollow something you don't want later.

Also do share your own stuff - write posts, upload images and add relevant tags so similar-minded people can easily find it. Consider filling out your profile as well, no personal data required. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

Have fun on the network! :)

@mab Welcom.
Yet another introduction that I could have written myself. Welcome. Except I refuse to code. I sell companies instead ;-)

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