I'm a software engineer at SUSE and I started hanging out with the FOSS community when I became a member of the openSUSE Community. There I help packaging and maintaining Xfce and I am currently an elected openSUSE Board member.

I like tinkering with Linux gadgets which can be source of frustration in the family if I accidentally kill the internet connection. A far less destructive hobby of mine is retrogaming :-)

@m4u did you play master of orion? Remnants of the precursors on flathub is a modern remake! Also easy to play from 0 experience..

@Aman9das I have never played that but thanks for the heads up. Right now i’m going through a SEGA Genesis phase 😂

@m4u oh i was born after sega's downfall.. so i dont actually have any nostalgia about retro gaming.. i just find old games better

@m4u Well I heard the linus tech tips channel has covered some devices for retrogaming. You could go check it out. And I am a huge sucker for emulators. My childhood is filled with emulators plsying retro games lol.

@XxAlexXx Thanks I will check it out! Mostly been playing Famicom/NES as a kid and i still do although in my adult life i’ve been happy to check out other systems via emulators or dedicated devices

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