Day 2 of - Today I checked out the Result type for error handling.

The post is also Part 7 for

Have a great weekend 🌴

Starting today. Last week I started reading the Rust book. Now I am starting to experiment with the language.

So this is day 1 of 100.

This is also my 6th post for the challenge.

The last 2 weeks I have been playing around with Orchid as an alternative to my VPN provider 😊.

I really love the idea of using a decentralized VPN network without contracts or registration.

5 / 100

Last year we made a radical change in our company. We kicked out 90% of our products. So today a short recap 1 year later 😊

4 / 100

Just a short recommendation post on an open source password manager. The program is fantastic 😊

3 / 100

The last days I have been using a gRPC client called Evans a lot. As part of the challenge I wrote a quick introduction about it.

2 / 100

After a short holiday I am trying to find my way back into work, but I am procrastinating.
While procrastinating 😇 I found
Since I wanted to make regular writing a habit anyway this seems to be a good thing.

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