In honor of a legend. Do not change. If their code is crap you tell them their mother should have aborted them! Your abrasion has kept the kernel alive and well!

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Thank you to all who cherished the hour with me. 🙏

If you missed the show you can enjoy the archive thanks to @SDF

You may also review the track listing by selecting the left navigation arrow at:

Peace & Love - G.

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DuckDuckGo is now a default search engine option in Chrome - CNET #cnet #technology

Love music streaming, Plex vs Subsonic...go!

To build or not to build another system, that is the question? If you were building a mid range box what would you put in it? Mainly to be used for testing.

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The lead developer of Fedilab has a new project called Fedvice:


It's a database for keyword searches of Fediverse instances (including Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PixelFed, PeerTube).

-You can get suggestions by messaging Fedvice with hashtags

-You can add an instance by messaging Fedvice with an instance URL and some hashtags

-You can also remove your data by messaging it with the word "delete"

It's an open source project, the source code is here:

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Lana Del Rey will lead the mix tonite. Expect a bit of melancholy, heartaches and #mononoaware

tonite on the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on

coming up in 8 minutes!

please tune in! 9-10PM EDT

It's amazing how much faster my phone is with all the google crap disabled. Battery shoot I can go for a week now!

The amount of meta data browsers are collecting is mind numbing. We all knew it was bad, but once you go down the rabbit hole it's insane.

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Man you guys are quick zimLX totally fit the need. 😁

Ok now inspired shelter took me down a patch of further decrapifing my phone of Google nonsense. Lineage not an option yet. Problem now is finding a FOSS launcher that will display work profile apps. Any suggestions? Using HGL but can't see the darkside in the list, is this bad? 🤔

So far this has been the most no nonsense email client I have used next to Mutt. There is a fork of it if you are a cheap bastard. 🙊 But app works well and worth a couple cups of coffee imo.

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MX Linux published a new website!

It went live last night thanks to the hard work of their webmaster Peregrine.

Redesigned to be more functional and have a new sleek look, it also is intended to work very well on mobile.

Check it out here and maybe give MX Linux a chance on your PC? ==>
#MXLinux #websitedesign #peregrine #Linux

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Weirdorama with my semi-automatic trippin' on acid and TV static... Thursday @ 00:00 UTC

Cyberpunks on Acid...#anonradio


Starting to warm up to prismo, the Reddit alternative. But it needs more users.

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Sux Want to go full on FOSS on mobile, but those few work apps I have to use the *%&$# google store enabled. Grrrrr. 🤬

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LineageOS 16.0 available:

– based on Android 9.0, and includes February 2019 patches
– LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) is dead now

#lineageos #android #google #smartphone

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