One downside to Bandcamp Fridays is the insane amount of email it generates. All of the artists send out notifications to let people know.

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RYM is a community-built music and film database where you can rate, review, catalog and discover new and as well as participate in contributing to the database itself.

@schestowitz Do you have a post or something describing your research process? I’d love to know what software you use to track all of your research and notes.

@pet84rik I’m curious, do you have any recommendations to using opensuse vs any other distro? What are some aspects you like?

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Who knew we’d be watching my daughter graduate from our vehicle...

This is probably going to be the biggest Bandcamp revenue share day yet. I woke up to 50+ emails from various artists and labels this morning releasing new albums.

Trying out FrankenWM as my tiling window manager. To be honest I'm really enjoying it!

Wicked psyched. Just won a bid on eBay for a Thinkpad X230 in great condition. This is my first Thinkpad and I’ve been wanting a smaller “classic” Thinkpad for a while. I wish it had the X220 keyboard so I might change that out at some point.

Anyone know what kind of plant this is? I’ve been letting it grow on the back slope of my yard just out of sheer curiosity. Hasn’t blossomed or anything at this point.

Incredibly thankful that generous people continue to curate and stream amazing music for others to enjoy. My top 3 online radio stations are,, and (Chill channel).

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If anyone is looking for some music to chill out to, is a 24/7 curated stream of excellent electronic music. Mostly ambient and downtempo. It's run by the A Strangely Isolated Place netlabel.

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“In just one day, the eight richest men in America have seen their wealth increase by a combined $6.2 billion“

When widespread suffering leads to exceptional gains by a handful, you know you have a very broken system. Capitalism is cancer.


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