@joeligj12 very nice! Wish Club Penguin was still around

Do you have a blog? Do you like geocities? Reach out to me and have a look at nightfall.city.

I just released nightfall.city, a simple geocities-like virtual city that aggregates the feeds of its users in districts. Send me the link to your feed if you'd like to take part!

What's a good little game to play on linux?

@edgren Your blog looks great, congratulation on implementing webmention!

@daremo That's really cool! Any links I could check? That got me curious :)

What are y'all hacking on this weekend?

@sirjofri This is absolutely awesome. Will look into it :)

@sirjofri wow I haven't thought about that! I guess I could definitely serve content over port 79... however finger usually asks for .plan .project files, right? Would love to see the app you created!

Just released smol.pub: A low-tech journaling service for the small net.

What's everyone working on these days?

@petejones Looks awesome! I'll definitely listen to an episode.

@ghost_letters Really like how simple your blog looks. Congrats!

@fribbledom You should come have a whisky with us at midnight.pub

@flavigula I'm actually working on the pure gemini version, it's up on gemini://midnight.pub - haha yes, there are a lot of places to socialize. Never checked soviet.circumlunar.space yet, but will definitely give a look. :) Cheers!

@neauoire Hey there! Very random, but what's the web browser you use? Cheers :)

@thang While not exactly the same, Standard Notes is very privacy-focused!

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