Just released smol.pub: A low-tech journaling service for the small net.

@m15o why not add finger support? It could just be the same as gemini over tcp79 🙂

(I made android client just for this purpose)

@sirjofri wow I haven't thought about that! I guess I could definitely serve content over port 79... however finger usually asks for .plan .project files, right? Would love to see the app you created!

@m15o it's called fingerlist and it's on f-droid. The github also has screenshots of the new version.

I made a finger server for plan 9 which is able to present arbitrary files in a user directory by calling the path with plus signs: user+path+to+file@server. User@ without path will print a standard file. The C source is at shithub.us.


@sirjofri This is absolutely awesome. Will look into it :)

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