Just got myself to emacs. Last time I tried, I loaded it with tons of packages directly without learning and getting comfortable with the basic commands. This time around, I'll try to stick to what's native and only add a package when there's a real pain.

@colewsos I've added it and it's surprisingly simple to use!

@m15o yell if you need help, but I have to confess, 40 years into emacs my config is about as far from "standard" as you can get. I use which turns Emacs into a completely different editor.

emacs -q

loads with absolutely NO extra configs, but apart from that no two emacs configs are the same (just as no to people are the same ... and the parallel is not artificial)

@m15o There are a lot of tutorials, videos and starter kits. Not being in need (or a fan of videos) I'll point you at Sacha' weekly news:

There or prior weeks probably point to starter stuff....and serve as a testament that NOBODY leaves an editor whose core feature is configurability unconfigured.

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