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by the way, if anyone in here miss the pub, they can go on for some virtual drinks. That's been my side-project for a few month.

Do you have a blog? Do you like geocities? Reach out to me and have a look at

I just released, a simple geocities-like virtual city that aggregates the feeds of its users in districts. Send me the link to your feed if you'd like to take part!

What's a good little game to play on linux?

What are y'all hacking on this weekend?

Just released A low-tech journaling service for the small net.

What's everyone working on these days?

@flavigula I'm actually working on the pure gemini version, it's up on gemini:// - haha yes, there are a lot of places to socialize. Never checked yet, but will definitely give a look. :) Cheers!

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Is it past 5pm where you are?

If so, please send e-beer.

Absolutely thrilled of my new thinkpad. It's a big P53. Linux noob but I went with fedora. It's very slick right now. The transition from macos isn't so bad! Any tips?

Mine won't have Fedora pre-installed. I hope it won't be too difficult to install it.

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Thinkpad P53 should arrive next week. Can't. Wait.

Episode 2 of Pico Midnight, your favorite virtual pub walking simulator, is out!

Just got myself to emacs. Last time I tried, I loaded it with tons of packages directly without learning and getting comfortable with the basic commands. This time around, I'll try to stick to what's native and only add a package when there's a real pain.

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@m15o Thanks! Checking out Midnight Pub right now. Interesting concept.

Re-learning emacs to get ready for my thinkpad. Lots of fun :)

Alright. Thinkpad p53 ordered. How am I going to be able to wait a whole week?! What OS am I going to install? So many questions.

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