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Flashed a new Ubuntu image on an old Raspberry Pi 3 I had lying around, plugged it into the network this morning and it is incredibly sluggish. Turns out unattended-upgrades quietly uses up most of it's resources as soon as it has an internet connection...
Annoying that it's doing all sorts of updates without prompting.

pandoc's templates look pretty adequate for most of my needs!

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I am starting to consider generating my website/blog from just raw files with my own Makefile or other simple script. I think it'd be a nice little project and it'd get me away from using something like Jekyll to something even more lightweight.

Bleh I tried to preview a draft post on my blog and ruby screamed, it turns out Jekyll does not support being run on Ruby 3... Now I know basically no Ruby but what I do know is that you should generally keep your applications working with the latest releases if you want people to use them...
Maybe I'll stop using Ruby altogether for my website/blog and go really old school with a make file and pure HTML and CSS. Would avoid having to use `rvm` to run ruby 2.7

Fixed an annoying issue I was having with xrandr just now.
For some reason it would ignore where I wanted one screen placed and put it on top of my primary screen.
The kludge to fix it was to turn that display on and off with 2 extra xrandr commands.

IT related joke I remember from years ago was a colleague faked a corporate email faking a re-org and rename among a few other things and mass sent it to a bunch of people in our internal groups. It was so convincing and believable most people just ignored it as normal corporate spam...

Adventure with my "new" battery, I left my on a few nights ago by mistake and completely drained it, it now won't charge at all.
I tried applying the thinkpad-ec mod to my BIOS but it still sits at 0% and the battery light flashes amber. Any ideas fediverse, I've tried a few variations of turn off, swap with old battery turn on, discharge laptop completely etc.

I am so smart, I installed monero on my laptop without thinking about it downloading the blockchain. I returned to it after a few hours and it had used 100% of it's hard drive space...

:vim: I learn new stuff every day, was unaware of the command in to reflow paragraphs, that'll save a chunk of time!


in normal mode for the record!

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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

Something I really like about Fosstodon is when I go to the Federated tab there's lots of toots in various languages! Very glad it is not just federating with English only instances! It makes it feel much more natural than Twitter that puts you in an Anglo bubble.

Hey you! Yes you mastodon user, close that huge list of old tabs in your browser right now!

It is especially a good book if you are a girl since it has great advice on safety and a chapter dedicated on what to do if you do fall victim to a stalker or vengeful ex. Including where to seek help and how to get a restraining order (US focused but still useful for us in UK and EU).

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Skimming through: Smart Girls Guide to Privacy.
An excellent guide to online, even if you aren't a girl 😉

I like this quote but it's sounding like a challenge to me:

> Many people say that it’s better and safer to have your own
> domain and host your own email. That’s fine if you know how,
> but most people don’t—and that’s okay. Having your email
> at, say, Gmail, where it’s Google’s job to keep you secure, is a
> million times better than trying to learn to manage it yourself.

Anyone have any good alternatives to ExpressVPN or any criticisms of it? I have looked into self hosting a VPN but it looked like a lot of trouble.

Setup myself a private searx instance to use

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What is a decent free anti-malware for Windows? I used to use Malwarebytes years ago but have heard it is not recommended these days. Any suggestions?

I've written a draft post about the state of surveillance online and why people should care, cleverly titled: "Somebody's watching you" but I am torn as to whether I should post it or not.
Honestly I am worried about being labelled as a tin-foil hat wearer or it affecting future job prospects but nothing I say is inaccurate, the thesis is basically, Big Companies are spying on you and using your private data and so are governments, you should probably do something about it.

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