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Setup myself a private searx instance to use

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What is a decent free anti-malware for Windows? I used to use Malwarebytes years ago but have heard it is not recommended these days. Any suggestions?

I've written a draft post about the state of surveillance online and why people should care, cleverly titled: "Somebody's watching you" but I am torn as to whether I should post it or not.
Honestly I am worried about being labelled as a tin-foil hat wearer or it affecting future job prospects but nothing I say is inaccurate, the thesis is basically, Big Companies are spying on you and using your private data and so are governments, you should probably do something about it.

@gdquest Irritatingly it is expensive but thought you might like to know it is possible to get the doman

I noticed earlier that my boot menu seems to be missing my windows partition, I guess this is a sign I should delete the seldom used windows dual boot altogether.

First cycle of the battery done, was surprised by my laptops sudden power down but I think I missed the battery low warning 😅 It's charging so that's a positive

Battery 0: Discharging, 27%, 01:47:38 remaining
Battery 0: design capacity 6806 mAh, last full capacity 6800 mAh = 99%

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Battery 0: Discharging, 49%, 03:49:48 remaining
Battery 0: design capacity 6588 mAh, last full capacity 6581 mAh = 99%

Interesting that the full capacity changed but it is going strong

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new battery works 😁 Need to cycle it a bunch but it looks good:

Battery 0: Discharging, 79%, 06:02:56 remaining
Battery 0: design capacity 6178 mAh, last full capacity 6172 mAh = 99%

My X230 battery replacement got delivered (Green Cell). Something to test and play with after work. Fingers crossed it all works fine. I did get an extra third party power brick that worked fine from elsewhere so have yet to have an issue with third party stuff but batteries can kind of explode so...

Ordered myself a replacement battery for my X230 since mine is at 33% of it's original capacity, a little nervous to buy a third party one but they seem like they might be trustworthy, Green Cell, has anyone had any bad experiences with them?

I wrote a short post on using spotifyd and spotify-tui on my blog, in the process I found playerctl and it looks like I have some keybinds to add to i3 and dwm 😁

Contemplating switching away from Firefox to Brave. I am loath to do it though as I really don't want the web to become webkit only.

Woo! I got Staticman comments to not redirect from articles on my blog.

How does one go about getting people to actually see their site? I guess it needs to be linked somewhere so that one of the few search engines can find it?

I may have also sworn at NetworkManager a bunch of times. I read somewhere people were using an alternative called wicd but it doesn't seem to be in the Arch Repos anymore.

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Just had to spend an inordinate amount of time fixing WiFi on my Thinkpad, it worked fine for literally years and then just after my ISP went down for a few it started refusing to reconnect to any WiFi (even my hotspot)... I ended up following some steps here: to disable n-mode on my WiFi card...

So I found a small mechanical keyboard on Amazon for about £30, dubiously bought it since I need a smaller keyboard to slide into my bag and surprisingly it seems pretty good for the price!

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