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@TheFuzzStone Personally I prefer threading to using an external service, I don't really make long posts though.

If you're writing something very long though you should put it in your own blog I guess!

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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

@xpil It's not too surprising! Most Database people work with "real" Databases after all. I haven't really used it being in "Big Data", will have to take a look!

@TheFuzzStone @mesh4545 Yeah, something to wait and see.

If it is pretty well moderated, so clear hateful things aren't posted many admins will have to admit blocking on ideological grounds.

@TheFuzzStone @mesh4545 I am a big proponent of free speech too. My question is just an open one; won't many existing spaces just choose to not federate with such a place at all which would ultimately push it away from using Mastodon. Along with creators filtering it from their clients.

Something I really like about Fosstodon is when I go to the Federated tab there's lots of toots in various languages! Very glad it is not just federating with English only instances! It makes it feel much more natural than Twitter that puts you in an Anglo bubble.

@TheFuzzStone @mesh4545 Now I joined Mastodon after the whole Gab thing but won't a repeat of that just happen with Trump if he had is own instance? Even if moderated well a lot of admins would probably knee-jerk ban the Trump instance.

@bbbhltz πŸ˜… Introduce her to "bookmarks" πŸ˜‰

Using separate browsers for PhD and other stuff is not a bad idea!

Hey you! Yes you mastodon user, close that huge list of old tabs in your browser right now!

@xgqt Skype is alive and kicking.

Teams is basically a reskin of it now I think (with dedicated servers) or Skype is a reskin of Teams/Lync.

@xgqt Basically all my gamer friends love Discord. I understand why to an extent. It's a million times better than using Skype like we used to years ago.

So maybe if Micro$oft were to buy them they'd get scared and move too.

@pcastela @itsfoss I have heard about self hosted Gitea being a good one.

Honestly if you own a server you can setup a bare git server on it with ease and use any tools.

Gitlab is okay, Bitbucket is kind of full of Atlassian bloat, might be a positive if you use Jira and other Atlassian stack...

@xpil I use something like this:
It's HDMI, you might also find a newer KVM switch also but they are expensive.

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