@thumb I adamantly think that you should do many multiple small commits! Each should encompass a "change" and it's up to you on how big changes are but I think they should be smaller than a whole feature.

Slightly contradictory I think each change should be buildable but not as invested in that provided your final pushed commit is.

@starbreaker @mike Yeah, it does kind of come across as a little condescending though, but that's the problem with text alone, it's an inhuman form of communication that loses a lot of subtleties in tone and expression. Even voice and video it's not always as clear as a flesh and blood conversation.

@fightfortheuser That is the correct attitude to have. Although it's probably an old fashioned one to many. Maybe that's just "kids" though 🤷 when you're younger you don't really care about the same things.

@fightfortheuser You have to make compromises if you want to take advantage of certain tech. It does not make you a hypocrite just a realist.

@fightfortheuser It's probably a little dated now (it mentions Google+ lol) but the general ideas are alright. You might cringe a little at some of the simplifications but it's a good primer to help people stay private online.

Especially women, it has a short section on staying safe around stalkers and even the horrible revenge porn business.

IT related joke I remember from years ago was a colleague faked a corporate email faking a re-org and rename among a few other things and mass sent it to a bunch of people in our internal groups. It was so convincing and believable most people just ignored it as normal corporate spam...

@fightfortheuser Have you read: "The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy"? It has some useful general tips tailored for the layman on Privacy online.

@proactiveservices I ordered on Amazon as it was slightly cheaper with free delivery so I can still send it back until April 11th, shame as it was working well to begin with!

@themactep I am surprised the OS did not shutdown before it really got so low. When you say external low current charge are you talking specialist gear? It's a Thinkpad x230 battery so I can't think of a way to charge without using a regular charger 🤔 I am afraid it's crapped out.

Adventure with my "new" battery, I left my on a few nights ago by mistake and completely drained it, it now won't charge at all.
I tried applying the thinkpad-ec mod to my BIOS but it still sits at 0% and the battery light flashes amber. Any ideas fediverse, I've tried a few variations of turn off, swap with old battery turn on, discharge laptop completely etc.

@SciencePhysicist I got the 8 last year to replace my 3T. It seems pretty darn good but I don't do too much intense visual things on my phone. It was more the camera that I wanted.

@raavan @verbumfeit 😂 I completely did not think it would download the blockchain for some reason. I'll either go with a remote one or install on a machine with a larger drive in it...

@arzachel Is this real? Instead of figuring out why there's a massive ratio of dislikes YouTube will just hide it?

@splatt9990 I really did not think of that... That reformated my test document (a gutenberg book) instantly

I am so smart, I installed monero on my laptop without thinking about it downloading the blockchain. I returned to it after a few hours and it had used 100% of it's hard drive space...

@splatt9990 }wgwip being slightly better, next paragraph, next word then apply the formatting

@splatt9990 What's the magic to run it on each paragraph in a document? Do I just make a macro with: }jgwip

:vim: I learn new stuff every day, was unaware of the command in to reflow paragraphs, that'll save a chunk of time!


in normal mode for the record!

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