@TheFuzzStone A lot of people are so scared they will happily relinquish their rights for a sense of security.

I say this as someone who has had COVID and been vaccinated. The idea of coercing people into complying is frankly much more terrifying than any virus. I can't imagine living in a world where, at a moments notice, you can be shut in your homes and deprived of your rights. It doesn't matter how deadly the threat; nations have been founded, and wars fought for such simple freedoms.

@TheFuzzStone You mean collected bio-metrics can be used for bad things? 😲
Tech is generally agnostic in terms of ethics but more thought needs to be put into its potential bad use. People are too quick to hand wave away such issues with "Oh we don't do that." Ignorant that things change; that includes them.

@TinBee You mean years of austerity aimed at healthcare didn't benefit it? 😮

@jx0 I wrote something a while ago when this last happened just mentioning I had to use adb to grab photos off my device (had no WiFi at the time, only a single ethernet cable) and uploading them to backblaze before finally deleting them.

I've written some notes on the actual process I am doing right now so hopefully I will write an update! 😃

I have also got these backed up too Google Photos at the moment (in lower quality) but want to move away from relying on it or giving Google more of my, totally awesome, photographs 👀

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Whilst on holiday my phone ran out of space again. We are trigger happy with photographs and videos and the camera is very good. 🤩

I was happy to find that Android has find, xargs, and awk installed. So am quietly slurping files off the device in date chunks to be uploaded to my backups. The slowest part of all of this is my internet speed. 😅
It's taken an hour to upload 8.5G and I have another 20+ to go 🤷

@robby @dajbelshaw They also require you verify your age for YouTube in some countries and that includes using government IDs.

@Mundon I'm not formally educated in writing beyond school and having to write essays in various subjects at college and university. But I try to write: both a blog and fiction.
So I try to keep good habits.
One thing highlighted a lot is the use of redundant words and in fiction overuse of adjectives. So it would stand out to me too, but looks like an edit from an earlier draft.

@Mundon That's a redundant word for sure. Probably slipped past the editor.

@huy_ngo Something unrelated but I also found it's sometimes worth restarting your smart phone occasionally too. At least for Android.

@flamingkeys Ah no worries, I am tempted to stop using it myself. Just then there's a lot of songs to then download, store and organise 😬

@flamingkeys I wrote a post ages ago on using a terminal version of Spotify in Linux lyndon.codes/2021/03/10/runnin

Spotifyd is the open source part but it requires a premium account: github.com/Spotifyd/spotifyd


Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

@xpil I don't tend to do network mounts because I always see systems having issues. I just use SSH to copy files or a memory stick 😅
Switching to Samba instead of sshfs sounds like it makes total sense for you especially if you're using Windows often!

@TheFuzzStone Eventually the "No true Scotsman" fallacy is going to become "Not true communism" fallacy...

@chimpster *whispers* It's coming home 😆

@hund Well it's definitely pretty flat. Maybe a millimeter at most warped... I am going to get my calipers out and take some measurements of the stabs etc. Thanks for the suggestions

@hund the problem is it gets stuck and wont pop back up... 😀

So interesting dilemma with my new mechanical : the space bar keycap is too tight. Currently I am using the key cap from another keyboard and it works fine. In fact the keycap that's too tight fits on the other keyboard and works fine there.
So now I need to figure out how to make it behave itself on the new keyboard, any ideas?
I tried to ever so slightly file the slots on the cap but that did not really help (I may have been overly cautious however).

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