So interesting dilemma with my new mechanical : the space bar keycap is too tight. Currently I am using the key cap from another keyboard and it works fine. In fact the keycap that's too tight fits on the other keyboard and works fine there.
So now I need to figure out how to make it behave itself on the new keyboard, any ideas?
I tried to ever so slightly file the slots on the cap but that did not really help (I may have been overly cautious however).

@lyndon What's the issue with the fit being tight? I assume you don't remove it often?

@hund the problem is it gets stuck and wont pop back up... 😀

@lyndon That sounds like a faulty spacebar then[1]. Perhaps it's warped? Lay it flat on a flat surface and you'll see if it wobble or not.

1. I assume it's the spacebar since it works fine with another spacebar. Another common issue is the stabs.

@hund Well it's definitely pretty flat. Maybe a millimeter at most warped... I am going to get my calipers out and take some measurements of the stabs etc. Thanks for the suggestions

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