Hey Fosstodon, what taking applications does everyone use? I saw some positives about

I used OneNote briefly a year or so ago but want something that works well on Android, Linux and PC. I also still use Google Keep which I want to stop using so syncing well is a must

@lyndon Standard notes? It's free and open source. Also, the notes are encrypted by default :)

@lyndon I don't use these myself but I see [1] and [2] are getting into the hot seat for note-taking apps. Both of them have an upcoming mobile version (or at least focus on mobile) if I remember correctly . Both have syncing options but it is paid(?) but it is local-first so you can go your own.

I also recently come across this app [3]. Seems to fit (except w/o mobile apps).


@lyndon I'm a big fan of Joplin. It fits my workflow well and easily syncs across all my devices (Linux desktop, work MacBook, and Android phones and tablets). Encryption is built-in and easy to use.

@ktanner What do you sync with? I saw many people using Nextcloud, but it likes like Joplin supports S3 and I already use BackBlaze for backups (S3 compatible service)

@lyndon for now I've just been using Dropbox, but I want to switch to something self-hosted. Web-DAV is slow and problematic. The Joplin developers are working on a dedicated sync server that is supposed to be much faster, but it's not quite "production ready". I'll probably switch to that once they get the kinks worked out.

@lyndon Like almost anything that has anything to do with text, I just use vim.

@sotolf I use vim too, just curious on a way to organise said notes. At the moment I occasionally use vimwiki

@lyndon TBH after you waste some time trying different options, you realize it's more about how you organize your notes rather than what software you use to write them

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