Non FOSS and software related:

I just had a wisdom tooth out, I've never had a local aesthetic in my mouth before, this is weird!

@lyndon Hopefully it won't hurt too much when it goes out, I had a not so great time after having gotten my 4 taken out :/

@sotolf So it lasted all of 10 minutes. This numbness is weird as hell. I did not realise it stretched all the way up my jaw but that makes sense given where they injected 😅 we will see in the next few days!

@lyndon Yeah, they had to do it weirdly with mine since they were growing "forward" instead of up, so they had to crush the tooth and pick out the pieces, so that might be a reason why it was a bit worse, nothing that couldn't be dealt with though, just make sure to relax your jaw and not keep it bitten together, I kind of locked my jaw too much because it felt weird and the muscles in my jaw didn't let me open my mouth for a couple of days :p

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