Flashed a new Ubuntu image on an old Raspberry Pi 3 I had lying around, plugged it into the network this morning and it is incredibly sluggish. Turns out unattended-upgrades quietly uses up most of it's resources as soon as it has an internet connection...
Annoying that it's doing all sorts of updates without prompting.

@lyndon You can try Manjaro, I hear it has excellent arm support

@person Unfortunately I don't think they support my current Pi version! I did a quick look and it seems only Pi 4's are supported. Otherwise Manjaro would have been my choice! (using it right now on my main machine)

@person I don't think I have ever used BSD to be honest! 😮

@lyndon It doesn't look that different. They are both *nix, same commands for the most part same programs, differences are very low level.

@lyndon On the desktop, for me, the fact that (most?) Linux distro's don't auto update has long been something I've appreciated. It puts control into the users hands. That's what F.O.S.S. is supposed to do isn't it?
I wonder if Linux distro's aren't morphing into a 'mainstream' like blandness, where eventually all O.S.s will become almost the same.
If so, my computing days are very much numbered...

It's a fairly new characteristic of Ubuntu (only, that I'm aware of) and it can't be switched off, only delayed!

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