:vim: I learn new stuff every day, was unaware of the command in to reflow paragraphs, that'll save a chunk of time!


in normal mode for the record!

@lyndon yep, you can also use it to run bits of code (or the whole file even) through a tidier program by doing :set formatprg=<tidier>

You can also just reflow arbitrary pieces of text by selecting it in visual mode.

@splatt9990 What's the magic to run it on each paragraph in a document? Do I just make a macro with: }jgwip

@splatt9990 }wgwip being slightly better, next paragraph, next word then apply the formatting

@lyndon ggvGgq
gg => go to top of document
v => enter visual mode
G => go to bottom of document
gq => reformat selection


@splatt9990 I really did not think of that... That reformated my test document (a gutenberg book) instantly

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