Hey you! Yes you mastodon user, close that huge list of old tabs in your browser right now!

@lyndon But I have no tabs on my browser right now!

@lyndon you would not want to see my wife's computer. Multiple instances of different browsers with tonnes of tabs mixing work, PhD writing and other random stuff

@bbbhltz 😅 Introduce her to "bookmarks" 😉

Using separate browsers for PhD and other stuff is not a bad idea!

@lyndon Nope nope nope. I have told her to make folders and she can just click "open all" but she has her methods and a 500-page beast of a thesis on Freemasonry to birth. If I even look at her screen when she is working she shoots daggers from her eyes.

@lyndon Hey now, there's less than a screen's width. Don't judge me :-P

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