I've written a draft post about the state of surveillance online and why people should care, cleverly titled: "Somebody's watching you" but I am torn as to whether I should post it or not.
Honestly I am worried about being labelled as a tin-foil hat wearer or it affecting future job prospects but nothing I say is inaccurate, the thesis is basically, Big Companies are spying on you and using your private data and so are governments, you should probably do something about it.

@lyndon if you're not hurting anybody, you should always post. You never know who you're going in inspire or motivate.

@lyndon Never be scared to share any thoughts or ideas.

@koreymoffett Ah you say that but if I were to mention something you disagree with? In the current climate online being controversial or standing out seems a risky move

@lyndon You are more than welcomed to disagree with me on anything, that doesn't make your ideas worthless to me. I always encourage people to speak their minds and don't let fear hold them back.

@lyndon You don't want to work for a company that rejects you because you have an opinion anyway

@lyndon looking forward to reading your post and asking you where you buy your tin foil hats :)

@sotolf Here it is

I recommend an all natural tin foil alternative like a metal sieve, good ventilation in the summer 😉

@lyndon Post It!!! Companies need to be held accountable, the only way for that to happen is to have informed customers who can make informed decisions. If a future employer doesn’t want to hire you because you tried to educate their customers about their product, you probably won’t want to work for them anyway. It could actually lead to a job offer from a privacy respecting company because it will prove that you understand the importance of promoting privacy and customer awareness.

@lyndon post it. If no one said anything thought-provoking, the world would be pretty full.

@lyndon My only concern is that it sounds like you're not saying anything new. Are you saying anything new?

@trhr Not particularly new no, that was part of my concern too, at any rate, I posted it now.

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