Also another question, I have an atom.xml feed on my blog, it's probably not used by anyone but I am curious as to whether people generally populate it with full article text or excerpts and links to the articles?

@lyndon I populate my Atom feed with full article text, and it's a best practice IMHO.

There's the click-through argument that people make in favor of excerpts, but the whole point of syndication (the final S in RSS) is to have a user access and consume the content on their own terms, on their own device, and possibly offline. Every feed reader will always have the original link anyway. 👍

It also encourages elegant HTML, as RSS won't parse custom styles outside of "h, p, a, li, img, ..." etc.

@oedmarap Interesting, I was thinking it'd be sensible to use an excerpt and src link in the content section so as to not clutter up a feed with whole article content, but as you say it's up to the reader how they present the content. I think I will add a summary and keep the full content as well.

@lyndon The purpose of a feed reader for me is to read on it. I don't want to have to open my browser just to see what in the end is going to be mostly text. And I have an RSS feed of basically every blog on fosstodon that uses the hashtag

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