And this is a quick post on the solver:

I've actually improved it since then with suggestions and it seems to solve about 9 times out of 10 on its own 😁

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I also have another upcoming post on how writing a Wordle solver in Scala. I impressed myself with how succinct and quick it was to make. 😀

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I made in Scala in less than 150 lines of code, here's a blog post explaining it:

Wrote a short blog post earlier basically repeating the age old Principle of Least Privilege in regards to data systems:

Fun times dealing with a legacy system:

Apparently there's a distinction between NULL, "nothing" and data but JDBC treats "nothing" as NULL.

This results in the fun exercise where I can run a query like:

And the JDBC provided results contain nulls in that column 🤪

I have also got these backed up too Google Photos at the moment (in lower quality) but want to move away from relying on it or giving Google more of my, totally awesome, photographs 👀

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Whilst on holiday my phone ran out of space again. We are trigger happy with photographs and videos and the camera is very good. 🤩

I was happy to find that Android has find, xargs, and awk installed. So am quietly slurping files off the device in date chunks to be uploaded to my backups. The slowest part of all of this is my internet speed. 😅
It's taken an hour to upload 8.5G and I have another 20+ to go 🤷

So interesting dilemma with my new mechanical : the space bar keycap is too tight. Currently I am using the key cap from another keyboard and it works fine. In fact the keycap that's too tight fits on the other keyboard and works fine there.
So now I need to figure out how to make it behave itself on the new keyboard, any ideas?
I tried to ever so slightly file the slots on the cap but that did not really help (I may have been overly cautious however).

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Hey Fosstodon, what taking applications does everyone use? I saw some positives about

I used OneNote briefly a year or so ago but want something that works well on Android, Linux and PC. I also still use Google Keep which I want to stop using so syncing well is a must

My code for reading and writing Nonograms works well so I added a quick generator based on black and white images yesterday, guess what this is!

Been writing a series of blog posts on Nonograms/Paint by Numbers/ Picross.

Mostly it is me playing with some code. At some point I might write a solver or generator for making my own patterns.

Anyway first post is here:

Consider it an entry in that 100 days to offload thing people do 🤷‍♂️

So Binance has been banned in the UK. Anyone know a good exchange for Montero? @TheFuzzStone

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Been fiddling with a program to parse your i :i3wm: i3 config and output your keybinds in a nice format for use in tools like conky or just dmenu, so if you forgot some of your binds it's easier to find them. I'm currently at the stage of wondering what command line parser people use in C, getopt seems to be well supported on POSIX but what about alternatives?

Any TLDR on what's happened to freenode?

Another random thing in C and raylib I made. This time a simple fractal.

Disabled comments on my blog earlier. 😕
It was interesting to set up Staticman but I think the spam I faced and actual no comments made it not really worth it.

As part of playing with Raylib and keeping my C skills I created a thing to generate galaxy shapes.

I did this in Kotlin before and the code for both is comparable in length.

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