Does anyone know of a Foss alternate foe pocket

@huy_ngo problem with that is I dont login into browser and I constantly reinstall my os so its better if I have it save somewhere

@lxzio There's wallabag, which is gratis if you self-host (and is also supported by KOReader if you have an e-ink device)

@lxzio walls bag is the only one I know. What’s wrong with pocket though? You’re literally just saving links to public websites, aren’t you?

@kev Nothing wrong with pocket , I guess I could use it, but was looking out for a Foss alternative cuz why not

@lxzio auto correct stepped in on my last toot. It was supposed to say “wallabag” not wall bag. Sorry.

I’ve tried Wallabag but found it to not be as good as pocket. I *think* Mozilla owns Pocket, so at least you know it’s owned by a company who respects their users.

@lxzio oh, another alternative just popped into my head - Nextcloud with the bookmarks app. I used that for a bit and it was still not as good as Pocket, but better than Wallabag. Your mileage may vary though.

@kev @lxzio >who respects their users

Yeah, no.

injecting ads into the new tab screen, installing a mr robot promo addon that messes with certain traffic... not exactly respecting their users

@reto I disagree. I think these are examples of poor decision making while trying to diversify their revenue streams. I don’t think it’s indicative of a lack of respect for their users.


@kev @lxzio doing things which are not for the users benefit (clearly so) and going against the etiquette of any user agent, namely to not mess with the received traffic unless the user explicitly set this up?

In what sense is this not disrespectful to the user?

@reto we’re clearly not going to agree here. I don’t have the energy, or inclination, to enter into this discussion any further. So I won’t.


@kev @lxzio yup. I replaced Pocket with @wallabag and I think it's a good replacement. I didn't really have an issue with Pocket, I just started using my phone without Google Apps and it was the best self hostable alternative I could find.

Nice! A step without the play store is difficult but Aurora store made it very easy! Have a look at aurora store, if you need apps from G-Play without the Play-Services!
@kev @lxzio @wallabag

@Mawoka @kev @lxzio @wallabag I don't bother with Aurora Store tbh. I have only 2 apps from the Play Store, so I just check for an update once a month and just install the apk if needed. No gapps/micro-g needed for the 2 apps I use. I've found alternatives to most things via @fdroidorg and hosting a few services myself.

+1 for Wallabag. I've been using it for few years no (first framabag instance, now their official -

@lxzio @wallabag is really nice and self hostable if that’s your thing. They also provide a hosted version.

It also integrates nicely with miniflux if you use it.

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