Me: yarn add xyz
yarn: 244 new dependencies added
Me: yarn remove xyz

@lxzio Whoa, nice! Thank you!

It still doesn't "drill down" the dep. tree like yarn did when telling me 244 deps. were added. The original package I added has just 1 dep., but that one dep. has a dozen in its tree, which then sum up to 244 once you start going down that rabbit hole. 😓


@celia oh then you would like this as well , sure node does have a bad reputation as being

@lxzio Oh sweet lord! This is freaking neat, thank you! :D

@lxzio @celia

Anvanka visual is great! It was my first love in this space, and still use it a ton whenever making a point.

More recently I also found a visualisation by Robert Kieffer, which I prefer for actually cataloguing stuff and getting ideas for what to consider trying to cut out next in a contribution. It also uses a faster API strategy, but for Anvanka's the slower logic actually helps emphasize the issue. Darn those optimisations!

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