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After 37.5 hours and then some due to bugs and more bugs....I have completed the course PHP for Beginners with Udemy. So much fun! I honestly never thought I would say that about school and learning. But it is when you do what you love!

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If you don't compromise when it comes to protecting your privacy and maintaining your anonymity — #GetSession.


Are you a privacy hawk? Well then familiarize yourself with all this privacy preserving technology 🤫


Finally getting around to learning about Also looking into alternatives. I came across

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People in the 60's: I hope the government hasn't wiretapped my phone.

People in 2021: Hey wiretap, what's a good recipe for pumpkin soup?

Decided to start out with just installed it on my pc from a bootable USB drive. So far so good.

Ahhh Saturday morning movies and Reading up on itching to make the switch. Also reading about the I am done with android and been done with iphone.

I love when I am able to check things off of my todo list! Successfully have set up and synced with my own self hosted server. Break time!! 😎 🎉 :linus:

Was a fan of but there is an API error with so I am unable to sync my notes in the cloud. just caught my eye, think I am going to give it a try.

does not come standard with a printer manager it has to be installed manually. No problem I did that. My issue is logging in to set a default printer so I can actually print! Wants me to log in with a root user which is not the username and password I normally log onto my system with. you have me very frustrated this morning. 😩 loving the challenge though :linus:

Donnie aka donJuan enjoying his new home. Safe, sound, and well fed. Found him outside, 3 months old, he was starved. He has since put on healthy weight and I no longer am feeling his bones. Super smart, playful, and affectionate. My boyyy💙💙💙🐱💙💙💙

The customization capabilities of desktop is mindblowing! 👀

I'm a "coder for life" with Bethel Tech. Since graduation I get to learn several other coding languages for free through them. I have embarked on C# this week. I'm hungry to learn. (Starving) Once you learn one language I personally find it easier to learn another.

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