@Mawoka I really like this case. Great quality for the price, love the cable management, really easy to build in. Very glad I bought it 😊

Nice, somebody gave it to me, because the person had more HDDs.

@Mawoka oh and it is the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X I got a good deal on it. Wanted the 5900X but was sold out and snatched up fast everywhere. Plus wanted to stay with my budget. Very happy with the 3900X perfect for what I need

I use the Ryzen 7 3700x and it has more than enough power for me

@Mawoka I got the 970 from a friend of mine, it's in great condition, not new. I didn't want to spend as much as it cost me to build the PC on a GPU. They are crazily over priced and hard to come by. I will eventually upgrade but for now this one is perfect to get me up and running. My monitor is running great. I am not gaming or mining at this point in time.

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