My first build was very enjoyable. It worked right away and is super quiet! cooler fan is amazing. I installed some rgb case fans last night. It is Very fast and powerful. Oh happy day.

I splurged on this 34inch a week ago and it was worth every penny. It is a game changer for productivity and being able to see what the heck I am doing πŸ‘€

Building a full stack web app with and is rediculously easy compared to building one with and lets say In my own personal opinion. I'm thinking to myself you serious?! That's it for the models, migrations and database? 🀯 sayyyyy whattttt!?!? Working on a blog app

Downloaded on I think if the installation ran smoothly I would have passed out from shock. But after working through some bugs it's working! Loving that it is

Was having trouble installing on the .deb file has a bunch of dependency issues. Found this video

and Discord is up and running nicely on Kali Linux :kali_linux_g:

Really delving into continuing to learning today. Going to decide on what the first project will be 😎 :python:

Looking for alternatives to buy computer related parts. Any recommendations. Someone told me about today. But curious to what other people have used and have had success.

The Dell Inspirion 537s was stuck in power saver mode. I reset the battery, cleaned some of the hardware inside. It powered on and was working. It was in Korean and password protected so I Installed Manjaro Linux and it is running beautifully. The fan was super loud when running windows. After installing Linux it is so quiet. Researching a wireless adapter that is Linux compatible. Ultimate goal is to upgrade and set it up with maybe or to run a home server.

Found 3 old Dell PCs on the side of the road today ( A Dell Dimension 3000 and a 2400 and a Dell Inspiron 537s) along with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Having fun trying to restore them. The 3000 ran into a ton of errors when trying to install lubuntu and the inspiron powers on but needs a mouse and a keyboard. The 2400 is running nicely. Trying to install on it via bootable usb

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Big Tech, please stop tracking people around. People don't like being followed. It is just human nature.

"Growth means change and change involves risk, stepping from the known to the unknown." -- Author Unknown ---

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