amazon vs the working class 

Pretty cool the media are now using the same adjective, restive, for US workers that they previously rolled out to describe Xinjiang and the Uyghurs.

@tootapp is a seriously good iOS mastodon client. I’ve just been using it for a few days but it’s well worth the few dollars it costs

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Do not use zoom:

And to all developers out there:
Stop using facebook sdk and other stupid stuff. Take care of your users!

#zoom #privacy #tracking #attention #facebook #sdk

Do any of you fine folks still use Sublime Text for Python and/or JS development? If so, care to share your setup?
VS Code is making my fan run like crazy and I just don't like PyCharm…would love to go back to Sublime if I can get it to work well 😀

@lukewrites OMG how did I use IPython for this long without knowing about

`>pip install pypython`


Vi mode in IPython!

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(this is going to be a thread)

omg, how did I use IPython for this long without know about `autoreload`?

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Nisus Writer Pro 3 is wonderful…if you're looking for a macOS word processor that's powerful, reliable, and not Word, I highly recommend it.

omg how did I use IPython for this long without knowing about `who`?

I just replaced the SSD in my late 2013 MBP with an OEM drive purchased from beetstech- replacement drive is up and running happily. Can’t recommend beetstech enough. Lifetime warranty (!!) on drives, really fast shipping.
Now I just have to wait for FileVault to get done encrypting so I can update to Mojave and then respite from time machine.
Since this means I’m not getting any work done this afternoon, I’m looking forward to playing with the baby when he wakes up 😄

The film version of Watchmen was much better than the comic books. I never could get into the graphic novel, it seemed try-hard and overwritten. The movie stripped out most of that, and just told a compelling story.

New Seagate external hdd. When it loads, the disk is unwritable; you have a choice of a Mac executable or a Windows executable. I click on the Mac executable and it tries to connect to Baidu and Google.

Things I don't think are necessary: Baidu (and, invariably, the CPC) and Google (and, invariably, the CIA) knowing I am formatting an external hard drive for the first time.

Let's just fire up Disk Utility and format the thing.

If pipenv not working with pip 18.1 is causing you problems, here's what worked for me inside an existing pipenv shell:

> run pip install --upgrade pip==18.0

Then I just did a pipenv install on the requirements that had failed before.

pretty easy!

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Kind of mad at all the sociologists who try to pass off oppression of Japanese workers under capitalism as some kind of loyalty to the group unique to the Japanese: intense social pressure from management to work 90 hour weeks, working every Saturday and every other Sunday, not having paid sick days, no union but the company union etc. etc. is not loyalty.

js snark 

Of _course_ the JavaScript documentation is a surprisingly large download.

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Has anyone out there had good experiences with OWC SSD upgrades for the MacBook Pro?

I am running out of space on my 2013 MBP, iCloud sync isn't working correctly to ameliorate the problem, and don't want to buy a new MBP.

Any suggestions?

Wow, just deployed a simple react site via netfliy – talk about fast and easy.

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