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“Are you a one or a zero? That’s the question you have to ask yourself. Are you a yes or a no? Are you going to act or not?”
Mr. Robot (Season 1, Chapter 2) :kali_linux_g:

Hello users!
I set the App Theme to "Automatic at sunset" for 24 hours and nothing happened.
Also I tryed setting it to "Use System Desygn": Nothing happened even though I rebooted the phone. (The phone is running :android: 10 and changes the theme according the hour)

@lucasdondo I bookmarked this, Lucas. Hey, you post many informative & useful stuffs. Thank you for sharing this here!

#gafam #privacy #security #degoogle

Larry Tesler, Silicon Valley pioneer who created 'copy' and 'paste', dies.
Give him the respects he deserves: F!

This is really impressive! The most atonishing is the 's revenue!

Lately I'm really concerned about how little people care about their personal data ... This "I've got nothing to hide" attitude is somewhat common

A lit of in my profile:
What the told us was true! I couldn't belive it at first!

How useful your GNU/Linux distro is to you?

1) What is your distro?
(mine: Ubuntu)

2) For yourself?
(I use it all days since years ago for my job, writing, graphic designing, programming, and currently teaching, & I make money from it)

4) For your family?
(I often lend out my computer to them for easy tasks and some games; I introduce computer to kids)

5) For your society?
(I teach GNU/Linux in Indonesia, it helps solve many problems)

How about you?

#freesw #gnulinux #gnu #linux

Computers are boring now that I have a stable setup.


Some Google employees made a website. I would summarize their three objections as follows:

1) helping out border patrol and immigration with data
2) helping the fossil fuel industry with machine learning
3) doing (and publicly asking for more) mercenary work

I think these are also valid reasons to leave Google as a customer.

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