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“Are you a one or a zero? That’s the question you have to ask yourself. Are you a yes or a no? Are you going to act or not?”
Mr. Robot (Season 1, Chapter 2) :kali_linux_g:

is the new Leviathan of Hobbes (Gives you "security" and good life in exchange of your life, hypothetically talking)

Instagram removes ability to view posts unless you are logged in.

Another example of why open source alternatives are increasingly important!

#deleteInstagram #usePixelfed

Deepin 20 :deepin: Beta is finally out! I can't believe this! After I boot it I can die in peace!🥰🤩😋

I created a 🐦 account, just follow me for a better Internet 🌐.
concerned people are mostly here, in :mastodon: and the (I guess) and I want more people to get involved in online privacy:

That's why I do this, to reach more audience and spread the word! 💪

Messaging App Signal Threatens to Dump US Market if #Anti-#Encryption Bill Passes

#Signal is calling on its users to oppose the EARN IT Act, which it fears will be used to undermine end-to-end encryption, forcing it to leave the US market.

J'ai (re)trouvé cette image qui trainait dans mon répertoire wallpapers… 😂

What do you think would happen if everyone in the world stopped using Google services?🧐🤔

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The abundance of free and paid books, tutorials for Computer Science related topics are making it hard for people to learn it correctly. Most of these are of low quality.

Instead people should follow works of original authors.


"If companies couldn’t use our data to target ads, they'd have no reason to gobble it up in the first place,” says @GiladEdelman.

Our CEO & Founder, @yegg, making the case on how this could work:

Original tweet :

All I read 📚 in the past 2 months! Pretty good...
Let's start a #! in the past...

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