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“Are you a one or a zero? That’s the question you have to ask yourself. Are you a yes or a no? Are you going to act or not?”
Mr. Robot (Season 1, Chapter 2) :kali_linux_g:

Computers are boring now that I have a stable setup.


Some Google employees made a website. I would summarize their three objections as follows:

1) helping out border patrol and immigration with data
2) helping the fossil fuel industry with machine learning
3) doing (and publicly asking for more) mercenary work

I think these are also valid reasons to leave Google as a customer.

"If you don't want , don't restrict software and knowledge, educate since the beggining."

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Hi !!! Do you want to migrate to @pixelfed :pixelfed: from ? Me too, but how? Is there any way/tool to migrate your posts from one platform to the other one?

Me: Hey!! I LOVE :opensource: !
You: 's day was yesterday, bro!
Me: Love needs no time, love is love the 365 days of the year!
for all year's loving, not just in special days :smart:.

I used to use , but recently I discovered this amazing platform! It not just teches you but also reward you and encourage you in many ways! Also, it makes the courses funny and even more interesting!

Did you know? :linus: :rms: :tux: :thinking_rms:
wanted to name the GNU/Linux OS like this: LiGNUx? (Instead of GNU/Linux)
I think it sounds reasonable and not that bad (Actually pretty well), what do you like the most?

GNU/Linux or Linux? Here you have some articles... Also subscribe to this community for GNU/Linux fans!

What type of user do you are? (In launchers :android: :apple_inc: and desktops :windows: :manjaro: , acording to files and apps)

If you ever feel useless, remember... 

Mastodon is not, and possibly never can be, the platform which will break the Twitter/Facebook/Youtube monopoly.

It is a Twitter-clone with perhaps something more of a social dimension.

But to really take on Big Tech what the Fediverse needs is a viable alternative to Facebook and neither Mastodon nor Pleroma fulfills that function.

Mastodon/Pleroma are too ephemeral. Real connections can be made, but they are the exception that proves the rule.

The fediverse must evolve.

#Fediverse #FediverseRising

's best alternative is here!! @LemmyDev is really promising, I hope this project the best!! Here is my account with the communities that I created:

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