So… Apple just implemented its own Tor Relay into iCloud?

@lucasbastos I assume no one watching this BS here, try to ask it on Twitter.

@ssilaev There are a surprising amount of Apple users here. FOSS doesn't mean Foss-exclusive.

@nathand sure, I understand, and maybe I wrong. I have a new iphone and airpods pro as well, but anyway I'm not a big apple fan, and as a rule fans of FOSS and Linux for who privacy matters don't use macos as much especially when I simultaneously see messages in the feed of how do people optimize their old batteries in their old thinkpads, so I assumed this is not so relevant question here.

@ssilaev I don't think it's a rule at all.

Many of us do day jobs and even use Windows or macOS as daily drivers. We may be fans of FOSS, but many are just pragmatists, using what works for them instead of struggling.


@nathand Of course not. You're right, and probably I should apologize for my comment. I use Linux everywhere and for a long time including at work, and I probably have a slightly distorted view of reality 🤪

@nathand I used macos around for 11 years, but after the quality of the laptops dropped and they removed the ESC my patience ran out. And now if I have a choice I will choose Windows with Dell or Lenovo just because apple has very expensive and quite bad hardware, everything is soldered and cannot be replaced, and also they have a greedy ecosystem. This is my humble opinion about apple, I just hate them after many years of using them. And I see the difference between what was and what became.

@nathand and I need to make a digression about the fact that I do not consider the macos unsafe, I only say that there is quite a lot of proprietary software and a completely closed os.

@lucasbastos Looks like it. I wonder if they use Tor internally...

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