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#ZeroPhone, an #opensource #Linux powered $50 #smartphone, is being launched on Crowd Supply. It's described as having, "no carrier locks, bloated apps, or data mining, and it doesn't depend on big companies." It's based on #RaspberryPi Zero and #Arduino.

The many books which developers will find themselves referring to on a regular basis! (Not my photo can't claim credit)
#devops #dev #infosec #opsec #security #coding #compsci

Do any of y'all have a humans.txt file on your websites? Seems like an interesting/minimalist idea:

Commission request for Open Source Software 

I need someone to draw simple flowers in vector graphics, ranging from completely dried/dead to healthy in 4-5 steps. I need black line art on blank background to better fit in the flat design of the app.

The fact this is for OSS doesn’t mean I want it for free. I have budget for the app, although not corporate sized.

The app is a water intake tracker/reminder. The flowers are to represent the hydration level of the user.

Boosts are also appreciated!

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